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BPX Community year in review : part 2 – My & some of the team’s favorites

Although I continue to focus in December primarily on the future planning of the BPX community ( like a nice blog is the web2.0 direction predictions by Allyson Kapin :  ) I also try to look back on 2008.

I asked myself first and our BPX core team second to highlight some of their favorites in 2008; in this blog I tried to compile some of them, but I am hoping that community members will add to this blog and add their personal favorites as well; so this becomes a LIVE treasure box that we can go back to in time to create “oh my god I forgot about that” moments in the future.

So here we go; non chronological and randomly ordered and by far not complete 

At the start of the year we engaged with What to Look For in a BPMN Tool and that created a super helpful blog and wiki series on BPMN ( aka swimlane diagrams 101 education ) What to Look For in a BPMN Tool for the intro to BPMN blog, and click here for the starting point of the BPMN wiki.

We also recorded a bunch of BPX peeps during ASUG BPX day at Sapphire about the “The BPX Community Speaks – Benefits of Membership”  and posted it on YouTube. 

If you ask Marilyn Pratt ; she mentions the event itself being very successful: so click here for photos and in case you want to see Jon Reed one of our SAP mentors without red eye reduction treatment ( sorry John !) Also if you are interested in some of the videos that were recorded during the BPX ASUG day by Marilyn: go to

I also enjoyed the recorded discussion between Dick Hirsch another SAP Mentor and Phil Khislof of Capgemini around the BPX community project  that evolved over 2008.

I also enjoyed to see the fruiition of the ESME project in our community this year (Enterprise Social Media Experiment) Connecting Geeks with the Suits (click here for the Geeks & Suits live event at COIL and blog series ); 

The ESME project tries to do so: For the ESME Video – with Redmonk (Michael Cote, Dennis Howlett, Darren Hague) or some of the ESME conversations that happened.. they still will need to find a solid connection with business value in 2009, but smething tells me that these guys have drive and passion enough to move this forward.

During the year the BPX content team received and processed 456 content submissions. Here are some links that according to me are nuggets of information:

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy a.k.a Netweaver BPM – Part 1 – by Dipankar Saha from IBM : The specified item was not found. ( BTW I had the pleasure to meet him in Bangalore and he is truly a wonderful person as well as a great contributor)

Business Process Management: an SAP roadmap ;  by Jim Hagerman Schnabe,  Charles Moeller, and two of our BPX residents : Ann Rosenberg  ( and yes she is the same wonderful insightful person that is working on the BPX curriculum ) & [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

Modeling Your First Process with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management Article(PDF 3 MB)  This tutorial describes how to model and execute an end-to-end business process using SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management. The tutorial contains also information about how to monitor the business process, as well as a problem analysis section.

REACH Compliance Assessment in case you are interested in REACH: Dr. Wolfgang Rybczynski, Principal Business Transformation Consultant with SAP Deutschland, analyzes the impact of REACH legislation on the following industries: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Oil & Gas, Automotive, High Tech, and Mill Products. This presentation also summarizes the business benefits of the REACH Compliance application for enterprises in these sectors.For some more BPX articles by industry :

BPX Skills Webcast with Jon Reed for ASUG and BPX   In this BPX skills webcast, presented as part of ASUG’s Business Process Expert webcast series, Jon Reed of reviews the keys to becoming an SAP Business Process Expert. In this 60 minute webcast with ten minutes of Q & A at the end, Jon looks at the BPX skills “hype factor,” why BPX skills are needed, definition of a BPXer, and how to obtain these skills. SAP BPX certification, the SAP BPX community, and the BPX Community Book” Process First” ( a fact dug up by Audrey Weinland.. downloaded more than 3800 times this year alone – yes I am a bit proud; am I allowed to be ?) BPX skills and education and the newly created certification track where definitely another highlight: go here to the very comprehensive wiki

I also gave an overview session on the BPX role at each TechEd’s and at the BPM2008 conference Vegas ( at TechEd with Puneet Suppal who has his cafe innovation blog series) that talks about the need for the BPX role in companies: We made the session a free session for your to view in virtual TechEd :

The above list is by far no means complete and I might add stuff myself while I go over my files during my vacation and try to organize this year.. it is too much to mention anyways ( and definitely does not try to be … just a starting point for you to add.)

Also Marilyn’s blog list is a helpful compilation of many of the LIVE BPX events that happened this year. One of my favorite events as described in my previous blog is the Process Design Slam – Bangalore ’08 and I am looking forward to next year’s approach and venue.

Ok enough link love and compilation.. I am already preparing for my next blog where I discuss the meaningful connections that were made and the people that help make the 2008 BPX community a success. I will try to finish that one before going on vacation.


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