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From The Grumpy Old Man: Sayōnara Greetings

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where food and family comes together. Traditionally I share a pudding recipe with you and this time it’s a modern version of the classic tiramisu.

Ingredients (4 persons)

3 coffee spoons sugar
20 cl very cold whipping cream or already whipped cream
6 crumbled spiced biscuits / gingerbread cookies
30 cl cold strong coffee
1 table spoon cacao powder
100 g mascarpone
80 g pealed non salted almonds
40 cl coffee ice cream


  1. Let the mascarpone soften outside the fridge
  2. Melt the sugar with a coffee spoon of water until you get a light brown caramel on a low fire in a saucepan with a thick bottom
  3. Reomve the pan from the fire and add the allmonds to the caramel. Let the mixture cool off on a alu foil
  4. Whip the cream if not already made. Crush the almonds caramel in large pieces.
  5. Scoop the ice cream in 4 glasses. Poor the coffee, almonds caramel (leave some from decoration), crumbled spiced biscuits / gingerbread cookies and a spoon of mascarpone over it.
  6. Finish with the whipped cream, cacao powder and almonds caramel and serve immediately 


With this, I want to say goodbye. I’m in the middle of disposing of all things where the ratio effort (in leisure time) / satisfaction is way too high. That counts for The Environmental Blog From The Grumpy Old Man as with SCN/SDN or whatever the mishmash of (sub) communities is called these days.

Besides, I think there’s no (longer) place for a Grumpy Old Man as me in this community. Let’s face it, what is the result of all this Grumpiness? Very close to nothing. The forums still bulge out with posts from lazy people. The first category is the questioners who don’t seem to be willing to use the search engine, although.  I must admit that the search engine is still something blubber over. You will be luckier in finding things you aren’t looking for than the things that really matter. I guess that making good search engines is an art that SAP doesn’t master. Even if we consider this as a extenuating circumstance, the questioners are still to blame. It’s a fact that many questions can be categorized as RTFM and asked over and over again.
A second category are those who want to fake their experience and ask for certificate/exam questions and – if that’s not enough – the answers with them. If it was possible, they would even ask if another person take the exam for them. It’s hilarious and at the end they only deceive their self. How stupid can they be?
All this reminds me of a joke. One of the two blond women says to other: “I’m going to the doctor for a pregnancy test”. The other replies: “Did you study long for this?”.
In SDN terms, the other one would reply: “Can you give me the questions and answers when you come back?”
The third category are the repliers which are as lazy and post complete pages thinking/hoping that the answer will/might be in the copy/pasted text somewhere. I thought that the point hunting game was finished, but I’m clearly wrong.

All this results in the fact that one doesn’t get any serious answer when posting a question that doesn’t fit in the above description(s). The myth that you get an answer for your questions within X time on SDN doesn’t apply on this type of questions. Maybe ‘a’ answer, but not ‘the’ answer. I know what I’m talking about: I’m still waiting for a couple of (far from rocket science) questions.

There are other factors – like the prehistoric blog system, certainly compared to WordPress systems. The resulting blog content belongs in the wiki anyway. But I think that my lamentation lasted already enough.

That doesn’t mean that it’s all trouble and affliction. No, of course not. During all this years I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge and reading useful things. On top, I’ve been meeting (virtually) some nice and interesting people. I hope that I don’t lose friendship with them due to my decision to leave. I’ll not completely vanish anyway and people can still visit my Geocaching blog.

Having said this I wish my readers all the best and off course the Season’s Greetings and I’d like to conclude with a song from another (Grumpy?) Old Man: D. Jones. I used this song in a previous life in order to turn a page. This is yet another page.

I took this walk to ease my mind
To find out what’s gnawing at me
Wouldn’t think to look at me,
that I’ve spent a lot of time in education
It all seems so long ago
I’m a thinker, not a talker
I’ve no-one to talk to, anyway

I can’t see the road
for the rain in my eyes
Ahhh …

I live above the grocers store,
owned by an Austrian
He often calls me down to eat
And he jokes about his broken English,
tries to be a friend to me
But for all my years of reading conversation,
I stand without a word to say

I can’t see the bridge
for the rain in my eyes

And the world is full of life
Full of folk who don’t know me
And they walk in twos or threes or more
While the light that shines above the grocer’s store
Investigates my face so rudely
And my essays lying scattered on the floor
Fulfill their needs just by being there
And my hands shake, my head hurts,
my voice sticks inside my throat
I’m invisible and dumb,
And no-one will recall me

And I can’t see the water
for the tears in my ey-y-yes

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  • Hey Eddie,

    I'm not a regular contributor here but I note a couple of points from your goodbye post.

    The main one which hits me is the lack of a good search engine here. That is absolutely crazy! Search engines are already out there. And some good ones too. Why does SAP insist on using the one built-in to SCN?

    Why not open SCN up to Google, Yahoo,, etc? Allow the REAL search engines to index SCN content and suddenly relevant traffic to the site will increase significantly and contributors' profiles will benefit appropriately.

    Keeping the search engines out is just plain silly and will cause more good contributors like Eddie to leave, contribute less, or not see any good reason to begin contributing in the first place.

    • Hi Tom,

      Before I post about the sadness to see Eddie saying good-by, let me set the record straight.
      1) SCN is not blocking search engines at all. Actually we encourage search engines to cover us better. Try search "Grumpy SAP" and the first 5 are linking to SCN. Public search engines seem to have a problem with our use of https secure soccet layer protocol(We are checking whether and how we can make most of the site http only to eliminate that problem.
      2) We have content on SCN for example SAP Notes that are only available for customers and partners of SAP as they are part of the service contract that we have with them. External search engines can't do that differentiation.
      3) The search engine mostly used in the forum is the one directly from Jive software. That isn't an excuse for missing quality, and we are tweaking it constantly. The problem is the ratio of quality and quantity of posts, which results in bad signal to noise search results. We have put measures in place to improve the situation, more moderators and functionality like marking posts for review. That of course only works if people are actually using it. Therefore it is also the community that needs to step up to the plate to fend off these questions and answers.

      We have grown enormously and these are growth problems which are felt in certain forums, many are working very nicely. We put measures in place to improve the situation, apparently not enough, at least no for Eddie to stay engaged. Very sad. Will post about that later.

      All the best, Mark.

  • @eddie - it's always a sad day when a solid voice is lost but the reasons you give are totally understandable.

    'Fare thee well' as the saying goes but don't be a stranger.

  • Eddy:

    You know I had been always a fan of your Grumpy blogs...It's so sad to know that your leaving us, but as Dennis said...I can understand your reasons behind this...I wish all the best, hope to not loose contact and regret the fact that I wasn't been able to meet you in real life.

    Maybe your Grumpy blogs didn't change SCN in an overall, but you know what...You touch me as an individual...Your blogs were always an inspiration for me...As they said..."If you can change one persons mind...You have achieved your goals"...Or something like that...I'm sure you will understand what I'm trying to say...

    I'm not going to say Goodbye, but...Till forever Eddy -:)


  • Hi Eddy,
    I read lots of your blogs and it is sad that we loose a very good blogger like you.

    I understand the reasons. Most of them bring me not to contribute that much. Nevertheless it is really sad that we loose you.

    I wish you all the best for the future!

    Best regrads

  • Hi Eddy,

    I am sorry that you are moving on.

    We have a saying in Australia (at least I think it is Australian - we tend to adopt anything that we think should be Australian) that goes "Don't let the bastards get you down".

    It appears that the bastards have gotten to you.

    When that happens there is nothing else to do but remove yourself from their presence. Life is too short to put up with unnecessary aggravation.

    Thanks for your contributions and Happy Birthday for Friday. I will be toasting you with a good Margaret River red wine.

    Graham Robbo

  • Hello Eddie

    I am not sure whether SDN/SCN will face the same doom like Troy but you clearly pointed out some of it biggest threats.

    Here are a few remarks on your points:
    (1) "Lost & Found": When I search for some of my sample reports I can find them with Google but not within SDN.

    (2) "Pseudonyms": Why do people want to hide their identity from the SDN community? I believe they want to disguise themselves as good ABAP/SAP consultant. I regret all those (external and internal) customers faced with such people.

    (3) "Why do I not get an answer?": "Did you ask a question???" 
    Many people are not capable of taking a bird's eye view of their problem and describe the scenario in way that it is comprehensible for others who would like to help (it goes without saying that the SDN "Rules of Engagement" have not been read either... ).

    I admit that I am (still) a point hunter but my aim is always to provide 'the' answer.

    How can we reveal those people who pretend to be smart (see (2) above)?
    "A good question is worth more than ten good answers".
    I remember one posting in the ABAP forums (shame on me that I forgot the name) where the author did an awesome job. Like at the break of dawn when the sun rises and illuminates the landscape he unfolded and explained his scenario.

    Repeating myself: "A good question is worth more than ten good answers".

    Perhaps this is another futile posting within SDN but your blog isn't. I will remind to check out Cassandra's voice on SDN (as long as it can be found using it's search engine...).


  • Two years have past and again that west wind blows, much like it did back in January of 2007
    What particularly saddens me is your choosing to pull the plug on your Environmental Blog as well.  For the record (and in response to your lament that nobody will notice), I will, I do, and I believe I speak in the voice of many others when I say regardless of the page counter hits, that topic has merit and your pioneering it here on our website as well as on your personal blog will be a factoid to refer to, as in, remember the Grumpy Old Man who began to write about Sustainability and the From The Grumpy Old Man: Hype Hype Hurray around the energy topics and your wise suggestions around eco-driving (which I've personally learned much from, thanks).  I would like to believe that when the wind blows in another direction, we might, if we are very good (and improve our tools, behavior and search), see you floating back with your umbrella and your sharp tongue.
    Happy Birthday Eddy(Plaxo says: December 19th). Your critique will be missed and your departure(s) are never un-noticed nor unimportant. 
    • Guys,

      it strikes me that a lot of the problems Eddy refers to could be simply addressed by rolling out a rating system on posts.

      Allow everyone to rate posts on a simple 5 star system and build in the ratings in the listing of the search results.


  • This topic is still relevant and in case there are people who follow this blog, check this thread in the Coffee corner about the revived discussion (one of the threads where people discuss "the same").
    United we stand, divided we #fail
    We all wonder: Will Eddy come back one day?
    Merry Christmas everybody,
    regards Otto