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SAP CRM PCM – Business on Behalf Demo in CRM 7.0

Here is a video of the SAP CRM 7.0 Partner Channel Management solution.  This demo will show you a quick look at the business on behalf process.  Within the demo it will quickly show you the seamless integration between the partner and brand owner.


The demo will begin by showing you the channel partner acting as the brand owner’s “external sales force” by creating a sales order on behalf of a customer.  The partner will look in the product catalog to find the product the customer wishes to purchase.  When the partner is done with the order and submits it, you will see that this order is immediately available to the brand owner.  As it is appears for the brand owner with no manual intervention there is no time loss for delivery and billing activities to take place for the brand owner.


This demo simply shows a lean sales order as an example.

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  • Hi Teressa,

    I need some clarification on the "on behalf" scenario. Apart from a small difference in partner determination, the transaction looks exactly like how a brand owner employee would create a sales order. Since partner determination can be made to work in pretty much any which way we want, what is "new" in this scenario? I suppose we could have made it work in prior versions like version too.

    A second question is - can some one who is not a channel partner of the brand owner, but say is an agent of the customer (like a procurement company that represents an aribitary number of the brand owner's customers) make use of this "on behalf model?

    • Hi Vijay,

      This partner channel management process is not new in CRM 7.0, this blog video is simply a quick demo of the existing functionality within the CRM 7.0 release.

      As for your second question could you possibly provide a use case providing what you expect the system to do and why.  Based on what I infer from the question I believe this would depend on how the agent is modeled in the system.  If the brand owner possibly considers them a partner and grants them access to the system to create sales orders on behalf, this may work.  This could be discussed during implementation.

      Teresa Riley