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Contract Lifecycle Management 2.0 is now Generally Available

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management 2.0 successfully exited the Ramp-up program and is now generally available. A condition for General Availability (GA) is a successful Ramp-up process. We had several Ramp-up customers go live on Contract Lifecycle Management 2.0 and a few more will go live in the near future. New features in Contract Lifecycle Management 2.0 will streamline contract processes and accelerate access to contract documents.

  • Increase Contract Awareness and Usage
  • The integration of the TREX search increases visibility into the central contract repository by adding full-text search into all contracts, clauses, and attachments.

    Search Results – Detail View

    Search Results - Detail View

  • Enhanced contract document amendment process
  • New features include a standardized contract amendment process with automatic amendment document (delta) creation. Users can initiate an amendment for a released contract document and have a comprehensive view of the changes to the contract document (full audit trail and versioning).

    Amend Contract

  • Streamlined contract creation capabilities ensure continued compliance to corporate policies
  • Users can create master agreement and contract documents with a single contract template.

    Master Agreement and Related Documents

  • Enhanced user experience – More intuitive user interface and streamlined processes.
  • Expanded platform support – CLM 2.0 not only supports rapid deployment as a service, but also can now be deployed in-house on a number of platforms.

  • New Language Support

  • Simplified process for creating projects for new contract opportunities – User-Defined Objects (UDOs) are often created to capture contract requests and opportunities. A contract manager can initiate a project from these requests.

Supported Business Processes and Software Functions

    Standardized, automated contract creation – Streamline the approval process with consistent, pre-approved language and controlled edits

    Contract performance management – Improve employee awareness of contract terms, outstanding commitments, and compliance issues

    Contract compliance – Maximize contract value with greater visibility and integration that encourages employee usage and enables proactive relationship management.

    Informed contract negotiations – Receive reminders before contracts expire and access the full contract history for more effective negotiations


For More Information

    We will be publishing more blogs in the Business Process Experts Community. Please use the comments to make suggestions for future topics. In addition, more information will be available on the Service Marketplace at

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    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your message.  The integration between CLM and SRM is not yet supported in CLM 2.0.  However, there are a couple of customers who have built the integration between CLM and SRM on their own as a custom project. 

      We are planning to support this integration as a standard solution in a near future release, but I cannot commit to a timeline at this point. 

      I hope this answers your question.


  • Steven,
    where can I find some detailed technical documentation about SAP CLM? I looked in the SDN and the HELP portal, but I only found product brochures.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Paolo,

      Thanks for your interst in SAP CLM solution.  To better control the distribution of the documents, we have decided not to put the detailed technical information on a public site.   If you need more detailed documentation, could you please send me an email to me at  Once I note down your name and company, I will be send you the requested information.   I hope you understand this procedure.