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SAP Libraries Required for Adobe Flash Islands in Web Dynpro

  h3. SAP Libraries Required for Adobe Flash Islands in Web Dynpro Web Dynpro offers a large number of pre-built controls that a developer can easily integrate into an application. In some instances, however, you might want to create and integrate your own controls. For this purpose, Adobe Flash Islands were introduced as UI elements in Web Dynpro. This blog focuses specifically and only on SAP libraries required for developing and running Flash Islands. It provides a general description of the necessary libraries that is valid for ABAP (SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Pack 1, SP 0 – SP 2) and Java (CE 7.11). (You will find tutorials on how to create such Adobe Flash Islands elsewhere in SDN.) h5. Running a Web Dynpro application with a Flash Island When running a Web Dynpro with a Flash Island that you or someone else has created, one special library provided by SAP, FlashIslandLibImpl.swf, will automatically be linked into the compiled Flash application and thus acts as the bridge between Web Dynpro and Flash. ABAP: This library is located in the MIME Repository, folder: S+AP ->++PUBLIC ->++BC ->+:\usr\sap\ce1\j00\j2ee\cluster\apps\\tc~wd~dispwda\servlet_jsp\webdynpro\resources\\tc~wd~dispwda\root\global\activeComp\No action is required from the user or a system administrator with regard to this library. Apart from FlashIslandLibImpl.swf, you will also find a counterpart for debugging in the same folders which will be called automatically during debugging. h5. Developing a Flash Application for use in Web Dynpro If (in Adobe Flex Builder) you want to develop your own Flash application that you later want to embed into a Web Dynpro, you need to link the library WDIslandLibrary.swc into your project. This gives you access to specific FlashIsland methods developed by SAP, like register() or fireEvent(). This SWC file needs to be included in the build path of your Flash project, which you set in the project properties:Flex Builder: project build path  Please note that before SP 3 of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Pack 1, you can compile only with Flex SDK 2.0. Please make sure that you have set your Flex Compiler settings appropriately:Flex Builder: Compiler settings
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  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks a lot the library file. This would be very much helpful for all the developers who are keen to play around with the new "Flash Islands" in ABAP WD as well.