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Overview SAP CRM Partner Channel Management

In order to successfully manage costs and grow revenue with partners, companies must develop and manage strong relationships with channel partners, including dealers, distributors, agents, resellers, and system integrators.  Companies need to integrate partners into their business approach in a way that recognizes and fosters partners’ unique business drivers.  The SAP CRM PCM solution can meet these needs.

This blog will describe at a high-level the SAP CRM Partner Channel Management functionality.

Because the importance of indirect channels is growing, companies must be able to work collaboratively with partners.  By effectively integrating partners into core business processes, organizations can provide end customers with a rewarding buying experience and help partners increase sales.  The partner channel management capabilities of SAP CRM enables brand owners to strengthen and streamline their channel partner management processes resulting in a more effective, loyal and profitable indirect channel.  Brand owners can more effectively collaborate with and leverage channel partners to better market to, sell to, and provide service to end customers.

Capabilities of SAP CRM Partner Channel Management:

  • Partner Management enables organizations to better recruit, ramp-up and manage channel partners throughout the entire partner lifecycle.
  • Channel Marketing enables companies to better drive demand for products through channel partners and to engage in collaborative marketing and demand generation activities with their partners.
  • With Channel Sales organization can enable their partners to sell more of their products, more effectively.  Channel sales is both providing SFA out to partners, including accounts, opportunities and sales methodology as well as outline ordering for partners.
  • Partner Order Management optimizes online ordering processes for partners and enables organizations to incorporate partners into their e-commerce strategy and support collaborative selling across organizational boundaries which includes support for distributed order management scenarios.
  • With Channel Services companies can ensure consistent and timely service to end customers by delivering service and problem resolution capabilities to partners.
  • Analytics enables brand owners, as well as partner organizations, the ability to gain insight and analyze and act on channel business trends in order to build a more profitable and successful business relationship.

Being a full suite player, SAP modeled and built the SAP CRM Partner Channel Management solution from the perspective of the complete end to end partner channel management business process. 

Benefits of using the SAP CRM Partner Channel Management solution are:

  • Increase revenue through channel collaboration
  • Increase value to your customers by enabling your partners
  • Reduce channel support costs
  • Present a single face to customers
  • Partner satisfaction and ease of doing business
  • Optimize business through integrated business processes (reduce TCO)

For those of you who are registered customers or partners and would like more information please use the following links:

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  • Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for a very informative blog. 

    We are currently using CRM 4.0, but are making plans to upgrade to CRM 7.0 in 2009.  We currently have our channel partners use PCUI using SAP Enterprise Portal.  Would this be the same architecture or would the CRM Web UI be the only interface that our channel partners would go through?  In other words, would there be a need for SAP Enterprise Portal for our channel partners with CRM 7.0?


    Mel Calucin
    Bentley SAP Portal Architect

    BTW, I won't be hurt if you say portal is not needed.  We have so many other things that we use portal for.  It'll be just one less thing to worry about.  🙂

    • Hi Mel,

      As of CRM 2007 and forward, SAP CRM PCM does not require the Enterprise Portal as a prerequisite, however, it can continue to be used. 

      Regards, Teresa