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ESME accepted into prestigious Apache Incubator

ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment) has been officially accepted into the prestigious Apache Incubator –

ESME is a microblogging tool and community project which originated in conversations amongst members of the SAP Community, moved to Google Code, and was the first submission in the history of SAP TechEds which was present at all three Demo Jams (Las Vegas, Berlin and Bangalore) in one year.

The Apache Incubator is the entry path into The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation’s efforts. All code donations from external organizations and existing external projects wishing to join Apache enter through the Incubator. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) provides organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of open source software projects. The Foundation provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits contributors potential legal exposure.

Apache projects are considered the top open-source projects and many of have become standards in software development (Tomcat, Struts, etc.)

Why the inclusion of ESME in the Apache Incubator is Important

As I described in my The Evolution of Ideas and the Role of the SAP Ecosystem about innovation and the SCN community, I’d like to suggest that the evolution of ESME proves that the potential of the SCN community lies in looking beyond borders of the community itself and should must include the experience gained from other communities in order to evolve itself. Although I am very much an Apache novice, I’ve been fascinated by the processes and policies that are present in this organization. For example, there is much that we (SCN) can learn from how Apache deals with IP-related issues. This cross-pollination is especially relevant based on the various open-source-related discussions occurring in background in the SCN.

As SAP’s participation (including Senior Vice President of the SAP Community Network Mark Yolton) in the Open Source Meets Business (OSMB) Congress demonstrates, there is an increasing awareness that the relationship of corporations to open-source software should be more than just as consumers but also as contributors. This changing role requires a great deal of re-thinking in terms of corporate policies (legal, organizational, etc.); thus, the experience of the ESME team (many of whom are SAP mentors) in Apache will flow back into our involvement with the SCN as well as assist our respective corporations to deal with this new opportunity.

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