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Survival Tips for the EHP Installer for SAP ERP

As you already know with EHP 4 for SAP ERP we introduced a new Tool: The SAP enhancement package installer (sapehpi).
Today I want to share with you the experiences with the new tool, also based on the The specified item was not found. for EHP 3. At this point many thanks to Martina Kerner, who is in charge of the program, for providing this useful insights.

1. Solution Manager Preparation
• In general: review the set up of your Solution Manager System and System landscape (Transaction SMSY), note 1022072 gives for further information (e.g. Product version of your system has to be = ERP 6.0 NOT ECC 6.0)
• Download of EHPs & SP Stacks only with use of Maintenance Optimizer when using EHPI
• Solution Manager generates a XML file. This is a requirement for the installation!
• Up-to-date Solution Manager System (Patches, minimum Support Package 15), more information: Note 1083576 (EHP3) or Note 1165438 (EHP4)
• XML file is generated and stored in /EPS/in of Solution Manager System (configuration required!)

2. Download Enhancement Package
• Download the Enhancement Packages via selection of “Technical Usage”, more information: Note 1083576 (EHP3) and Note 1165438 (EHP4)

3. Get familiar with EHP Installer

Plan for some additional technical preparation and execution time:

• Download & Study EHP Installer Guide provided on SAP Service Marketplace:
Go to -> Installation – SAP NetWeaver Systems -> “Enhancement Package Installation on Existing SAP Systems”
• Download your EHP Installer tool provided on SAP Service Marketplace:
Go to -> Support Packages and Patches -> Additional Components -> Upgrade Tools -> SAP EHP INSTALLER

Prepare free space for…
• Installation directory “EHPI” of app. 10-15 GB *
• “Download” directory for EHP & SPs of app. 10-30 GB *
• Shadow instance of app. 100 GB (depends on customer situation)*
• Additional space for existing tablespaces (depends on available freespace in each tablespace)
• -> Autoextend setting for tablespaces recommended

* temporary space

Furthermore I would like to inform you that the first version of the ”How-To  Install EHP 4” guide is now generally available.
You can download the document via SMP (Quicklink /ERP-EHP or /EHP-INST) or directly here: 

Further help:
Implement Note 1233954 (No XML in EPS Inbox)
Note 1134872 (FAQ for Stack Delta Files in EPS)
Note 1122966 (Maintenance Optimizer for EHP)
Note 1090202 (MOPZ: adjust stack delta XML)
Note 1165587 (MOPZ: EHP stack selection)

EHP Book

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