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A new Interaction Center Sales Option in CRM 2007

A new Interaction Center Sales Option in CRM 2007

John Burton and Henning Duerholt had outlined a while ago different options for sales order capturing in the CRM interaction center: 5 Ways to Handle Sales Orders in IC WebClient: Which is Best for You?. While this was focusing on CRM 2005 – here now is a 6th option available with CRM 2007. 

In between CRM 2005 and CRM 2007 the user interface of SAP CRM was widely harmonized – the screens of the interaction center as well as other CRM WebClient screens are now based on a common user interface framework. Thus the integration of screens from the CRM WebClient sales professional role can add new functionality to interaction center sales. Our example here would be the integration of the CRM sales order screen from the CRM WebClient into the interaction center.

Advantages of the CRM WebClient sales orders versus the Interaction Center CRM sales order or sales ticket are the availability of line item screens and a dedicated screen for maintenance of quotations. Also the product proposals of the CRM WebClient sales orders provide more functionality such as product proposals on header level.

The integration requires the following settings in your navigation bar profile (IMG: CRM >>> Interaction Center >>> Basic Functions >>> Define Navigation Bar Profile). By the way: these steps apply to other CRM transactions of the CRM WebClient in a similar way.


1.) Remove the interaction center CRM sales order and sales ticket workcenter from the navigation bar profile


2.) Create a new logical link for the CRM WebClient Sales Order in IC:

  • Type: B Work Center
  • Target ID: TBT115ED (Edit inbound plug of the CRM WebClient CRM sales order component BT115M_SLSO; to find out the target IDs of components see the workarea component repository in IMG: CRM >>> UI Framework >>> Technical Role Definition >>> Define Workarea Component Repository):
  • Parameter: TA (or any other transaction type for CRM sales order)
  • Parameter class: CL_CRM_IC_NAV_BT_CREATE
  • Icon Name: not applicable
  • Title and description: e.g. “Sales Order”


3.) Create a new work center pointing to your new logical link


4.) In your navigation bar profile replace the CRM sales order and sales ticket workcenter with your new workcenter


5.) Adjust the generic OP mapping of your navigation bar profile so that navigation to CRM sales orders is targeting – for each action – to the CRM WebClient sales order:

  • Object Type: BT115_SLSO object action “B Display” Target ID TBT115OV
  • Object Type: BT115_SLSO object action “C Edit” Target ID TBT115ED
  • Object Type: BT115_SLSO object action “D Create” Log Link ID your new logical link created in 2.)

(Maintain the same entries for the object type BT115_SLST in case you had previously been using the IC CRM sales ticket).


This approach supports the transfer of the confirmed account, contact person and interaction center agent from the IC session to the partner set of the newly created CRM sales order in the interaction center (this is assured by the above parameter class of the logical link). The mapping of these three IC partners to the partner functions of the sales order goes through the same customizing that is generally used for partner mapping in the interaction center (IMG: CRM >>> Interaction Center >>> Business Transactions >>> Assign Partner Functions to Business Transactions). Late account confirmation (as well as late IBase component and Object confirmation) can be supported by implementing IDI rules (Intent Driven Interaction) using the actions “Late Account Confirmation” (see separate actions for IBase components and Objects). The CRM WebClient transactions are also integrated with the interaction record of the interaction center: new sales orders will be automatically added to the activity clipboard.

Although the CRM WebClient sales order does not necessarily provide all of the same built-in integration features as the native IC sales order (such as IC product search and preview, scratchpad integration, and RTOM enablement), it offers a more feature-rich and flexible user interface that will be of benefit to most customers.

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