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My first 250 points in SDN

Way to SDN
After working 5 years on SAP Technology, I  came to know about SDN after joining cognizant as a SAP BI Consultant.   

Generally, Chinese are shy to ask and answer questions on the foreign forum. Most of us read and search on SDN and it is often called “diving” in a forum. During this time there was a drive from the Cognizant SAP Practice at China to actively participate in SDN and keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and Solutions from SAP . “You need to provide a flexible and innovative solution to our customer!” – is what we follow at Cognizant SAP China Practice. 


Full of surprise
I was invited to the community evening at SAP TechED 2008 ShangHai on  the 5th of November. SAP senior vice president, mark Yolton, gave us a overview status of SDN and announced the new coming SCN and Chinese forum on that night. 

On completion of his speech, he showed us a list of top contributors in China. I was really surprised when my name was on the list along with other 4 Cognizant colleagues with an invitation to take a photo with SVP Mark Yolton. I am really lucky as I just started my active participation in SDN a few months back and now here I was fortunate enough to take a photo with the SVP. Thanks to the drive and initiative from Cognizant SAP Practice China, that made me achieve this proud moment.

Passion to make a difference
Today is really special to me as I have gained my first milestone of 250 points in SDN. At SDN, there are more than 1.4 million community members all over the globe and around 6000 highly active contributors who have more than 250 points. This achievement encourages me to contribute more to the community and move towards achieving the next milestone of 1000 points.


Passion for a  Cause
If you pay attention to the front page of SDN, you will find a special program in SAP: Points for U.N. World Food Program. SAP will donate €200K to the children in hunger if we earn 3.5 million points in 2008 and we already have 3,474,737 by Nov. 25th. Donations will directly fund an international school nutrition program that aims to ensure every hungry child has at least one meal every day, enabling him or her to learn and thrive in school. 

Since the Chinese forum was opened in couple of weeks ago, the language is not the big problem ahead of us. Please join me to making the continuous contribution to the community. It improves our skill and also makes this world better.  Just as we say in Cognizant: Be cognizant, passion to make a difference.

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  • Brian:

    Congratulations! Big achievement! -:D I remember when I cross the 250 mark…Feel so proud of myself -:)

    Hope to see more contributions from you in the future, also more China fellows participating in the Community.


    P.S: Nice picture! -:D

  • Brian – We are proud of you and other colleagues for the active contributions. SDN is the bible of SAP world so healthy and competitive atmosphere of this forum will benefit the entire SAP fraternity..

    Keep going

    – Magesh Rajendran

  • Hi Brian,
    I was also “diving” in SDN for quite a while until this TechEd, when I realized that when you contribute, you get more than you give.
    Since I’ve been contributing on SDN, I have also introduced more collaborative elements into my style at work: Spot chances for collaboration, organize informal information exchanges, use collaboration features in the intranet portal, and make plenty of contributions to the corporate wiki. And here, too, I get more out of it than I put into it.

  • I’m the member for this community for long time but my point dose not up as I did not contribute to the community. Your message is inspired me to take more serious about contribute and participate more and more in this SDN.

    Sorn T.

    • You must be a very senior consultant on SAP since  you have registered for more than 5 years! It’s really nice to hear from you and please kindly share your knowledge for all of us.

      Thanks for your attention.

  • Congratulations on the first milestone and may you achieve your next too.

    The greatest thing about the community and the forum is that most of the contributors genuinely like to resolve a particular situation, by offering varied tips and suggestions.

    We may be wrong sometimes and right sometimes. More than the points, it is satisfaction which makes contributors happy and feel good about helping someone in a critical situation.

    Suresh Upadhyayula