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OpenLaszlo meets SAP WAS (CE)

In this blog we are going to see how we can integrate OpenLaszlo with SAP Netweaver CE.


What is OpenLaszlo?
OpenLaszlo is the premiere open source platform for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It is released under the Open Source Initiative-certified Community Public License.


OpenLaszlo applications are written in LZX (similar in spirit to XUL, MXML, and XAML), an XML language that uses custom tags and industry-standard JavaScript to describe client behavior.


LZX applications are compiled by the OpenLaszlo compiler, which is bundled as part of the Laszlo Presentation Server (LPS), and delivered either as SWF files to be executed by the Adobe Flash Player, or as DHTML (“Ajax”) to be rendered directly by the native JavaScript engines of internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.


LZX applications can be deployed either using the OpenLaszlo server as a proxy connection, or as Standalone OpenLaszlo Objects—which we call “SOLO” deployment. LZX applications typically communicate with “back ends”—which may be written in Java, PHP, SQL, etc—by sending XML over HTTP.


For more on OpenLaszlo, please see


What I have done to integrate Open Lazlo is

1)      Created an external Library which contains all the libraries needed.

2)      Create a Dynamic web module which refers to the external library.

3)      Create a J2EE Enterprise Application to wrap the web module and deploy it as an .ear to the engine.


You can download all this DC from the link at the end of this blog.


Once deployed the application .ear, following will be the output.



Enter a valid Zip code, In this sample we will be connecting to to get the weather details.


Links to the Dc’s used for this
1) External Library
2) J2EE / WebModule
3) J2EE / Enterprise Application
Finally managed to upload on rapid share following is the link to download all the source and Dc’s

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