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Article master data – mass creation for testing

Hi friends of the article master,

I guess sometimes you have the need to create hundreds of articles to test some business processes in SAP ERP Retail.

Of course you can create them manually with transaction MM41 or use some ugly batch input scripts or CATT scripts. But this is a lot of work.

Another better idea is using the IDOC type ARTMAS. But this requires the creation of the correct IDOC structures. You can also use the transaction LSMW to start the legacy migration workbench. This is also a nice tool to create test data from any data source.

If you are a crazy ABAP developer, you can also use the BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT to create the articles. Beware in this case you send a COMMIT Work afer every BAPI call to ensure the classification data will be written on database. If you forget it, the “bad” error MH 084 is occuring

But now, what can I do to create 300 fresh articles?

OK, that’s easy, if you know the hidden feature in the system. But before we start, please be aware that this is only a test tool without any support by SAP.

  1. Create an article like you want with MM41
  2. Call the report RBDARTST
  3. In the field article enter the article number from step 1.
    Select a nice prefix for the new article           
    If you want to speed up the inbound processing, use the keylists if you try  to create e.g. 300 logictsic views for stores or DCs.

A nice feature here is the possibility to create a fake ARTMAS IDOC.
With this feature you are able to see how your reference article would look like as IDOC. But beware you are NOT able to inbound this IDOC. You can only learn the structure in the transaction WE19.

Another nice benefit of this report is the possibilty to check the IDOC inbound interface processing, because it simulates the outbound and inbound of ARTMAS IDOCs.

If you made some customer enhancements in the ARTMAS interfaces like the BAdIs


it can help you finding bugs in your implementation.

There exists a small limitation. This report will copy ONLY the real article master data. That includes only segments available in ARTMAS. It ignores purchasing data, prices etc…

Also very nice to copy article master data including  all integrated objects is RWRFMATCOPY. This report is available in all standard installations now.

Now follows a report to create mass volume data for test purposes.
This report can be used at own risk and will have no support.

It can be used to duplicate pure article master data. (no prices, inforecords, etc)

The report ZCREATE_ART_MASS contains the following parameters

p_vorart = Source article, restricted on 10 characters to keep enough free spaces for pre- and postfixes
p_art_nr = Sttart value for numberring of post fixes
p_post = p_prae = Choose post or prefix concatenation of fresh article numbers
p_anzart = Number of needed article copies.


And finally for changing article master data either use the transaction MM46 for generic changes or MASS_MARC for changes on logistic data field not covered by reference handling of reference stores.
The new maintenance group driven, tree and process based maintenance can be called via transaction WRFMASSMAT and WRFMATBODY.

Some nice function modules:

BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT  for common article changes in own reports.
WRF_MATERIAL_UPDATE_BASIC_DATA for changes on basic data
WRF_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT for integrated changes of all objects

Any problems with wrong assigned characteristic values of generic articles and variants: Please use the WRFMATCHARVAL

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