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Angry about the ugly product hierarchy in SD screens

Hi folks,

ever used the product hierarchy in the master data ? 
Do you like the usability ?

Let’s have a short look at it: 

Old view

To navigate through the tree, you have to do a positioning on any level and press the ‘next level’ button.

Would it be nice to have a real tree navigation?
A tree like this ?

new possible view

With a nice tree navigation and full access control. 🙂

How to do it?

  • Go to transaction OMT3
  • Find your used screen sequence (if you don’t know how to use it, do not use it)
  • Exchange the subscreen in “Basic Data” view SAPLMGD2 2001 with SAPLMGW_SCREENS 3001
  • Exchange the subscreen in “other Sales Date” SAPLMGD2 2152 with SAPLMWG_SCREENS 2152

What is the difference? 

Please ensure that this change is not supported by SAP.
These additional screens exchange the F4 help in the subscreen only.
The new search help FUNCTION ‘MGW_F4_MM_PRODH_SELECT’ is used.


If you like the new type of F4 help search for the product hierarchy, I recommend to create an own customer specific screen in article or material master. (Note with guideline is available as SAP note.) and exchange the search help access only. In this case the new field ar supported.

Be aware the screen in SAPMGW_SCREENS will not receive any updates, patches or anything else. You use it at your own risk! 

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