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Tasting the mix of Ruby, Camping and SAP

So…You know what Ruby is…You know what SAP is…But you know what Camping is? Well…Camping is a Microframework created by the great Why the lucky stiff (Who kindly help me to finish this blog).

Believe it or not…This Microframework only weights 4K and you can see the source code here. Also…It supports MVC! So if you don’t like Rails…Why don’t you take a look at this masterpiece.

The Camping philosophy tells us that we must keep everything short…So all the integration had been done in one single file.

Now, lets take a lot at some pictures…




Hope you like it -:)

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  • Hey it was a good blog about Camping,
    whytheluckystiff has made a habit of creating good and simple to use frameworks, see Shoes for GUI.

    Displaying information is alrite, we also have WebDynpro for that…However is there a killer app which leverages both the power of SAP and Ruby?

    If u can think of something I would be happy to know 😛

    • Adi:

      Thanks for your comments…Yeah…Camping is very cool and very easy to learn and implement.
      I’m surely aware of Shoes…My next blog is going to be about Shoes/SAP or Gosu/SAP -;)

      A killer app for Ruby/SAP? I really don’t think so…And that’s really sad -:( I really wish I could make up something someday…Going to let you know of course -;)


    • Marcelo:

      Thanks buddy! -:D I was actually thinking about writing about #Gosu and #Shoes…But if you want #Camping…The #Camping you will have -:) Just let me find a nice new transaction to emulate -;)