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SAP CRM Marketing: Campaign Automation

Campaign Automation allows you to deal with multi-channel, multi-wave and real time campaigns, providing capabilities for direct automatic reaction to customer responses.


A campaign process is set up to proceed automatically from the planning phase meaning that once it is triggered, no further manual action is necessary. Response to a particular step can be immediate. Alternatively you can set up a scheduled response, for example, carried out at periodic intervals or once a certain number of responses have been collected together.


Using campaign automation, you can:

  • Model the process steps graphically. A simple, graphical user interface allows you to have a clear overview of the whole process.
  • Allow for customer reaction via any communication channel as all customer relevant channels are supported in the campaign automation procedure, whilst still providing one face to the customer
  • Plan individual process steps. For example, you can set up a mail to be sent to a specific target group and then after a certain time period has passed, send a reminder mail
  • Define rules and conditions for these process steps. For example, you can define rules for sending out confirmation mails within 24 hours of receiving an order
  • There is also an integrated survey process to allow you, for example, to evaluate customer satisfaction with a campaign and use the answers to trigger further activities.

Have a look at the video clip to get an idea of Campaign Automation.


If you want more information on multi-wave and multi-channel campaigns there are two interesting blogs on this as well:

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    • Hi Gregor,

      thanks a lot for your feedback. I changed the link to the video to be opened in a new window now.

      I also had a look at your very informative blog on surveys.
      Just one additional information on this: With CRM 2007, the survey application is available as a CRM WebUI application as well, which is integrated into the Marketing professional user role.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Gregor,

      Please let me know if you have any blogs related to Campaign Automation using High Volume segmentation. I was looking more on the technical side than a demo.

      Best regards,

      Marta Miyazaki