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Oh to be in Barbados

The Long and whinging road

It’s odd, you go to work, and you know the sort of days it’s going to be, by the journey.


Two days a week I cycle, three days a week I take my daughter to her childminders, if you cycle, you know what I am talking about when I say you really do take your life in your hands.


Take last week, I live in Bristol, for those who don’t know, I live in the UK, this is a town about 120 miles west of London.

I leave my house, go down a small hill, from there onto a path beside a river, which brings me out by the train station, from there it’s about another ten minutes, across a main road, through a pedestrian/cycle area, to the office.


Most days, you will find some jack arse of a car driver, who thinks it is great sport to see if he can get the bumper of his phallic symbol onto your seat for a rest, failing that, how fast he can go past you, while trying to take your elbows off with his wing mirror, oh and don’t get me started on lorry drivers..

Do they really think that if they drive close enough to my back wheel it will make me peddle faster??


You know the worst of the worst, the absolute pits of the road… pedestrians.  As I said, part of my journey involves going along a path, it is designated as a cycle way, so why do people think that walking along it, talking on your mobile, or with a dog on/off a leash in the middle of it is a good idea.


Had this this week, I get onto the cycle way, about ¼ mile ahead of me I see two guys walking along, it’s slightly doglegged when you first get on it, so you can see the first ½ mile or so, they are walking along, one clearly talking on his phone, I do as I always do, start peddling for all I am worth, and as I get closer, I

a) start to slow down

b) ring my bell


They just carry on walking, two abreast, in the middle of the path.

So again I ring my bell, at this point I am about 30 yards behind them, they still haven’t even looked back let alone moved, I am now almost on top of them, so for a third time I ring the old bell, then have to slam on the brakes as they still haven’t moved, prat on the phone turns round at this point, possibly the smell of burnt brake blocks.  So I stop, just about behind them and he looks at me, then his mate looks at me and says, ‘what do you think you are doing. You almost run us down!!’


I, in the best polite way I can think of, just say I rang my bell three times, thought you would have heard me,

‘nah mate, wasn’t listening’????

Anyway I get out of there as soon as I could, and just though what a pair of……

 You Spin me round

Been and interesting couple of weeks, been playing with Xcelsius 2008, lots of nice bits and pieces with it, downloaded SP1 last week, to find some interesting new additions, also been writing a new training package for bods here, this has been 6 months in the making, regular readers will know that I said ages ago I had been asked to ‘Do Some Training!!??…’, and this is finally the result.


Having been finally given a brief to work to, I say brief, that it exactly what it was, I made a start some weeks ago, and it had it’s first ‘test’ viewing last week, all went well, or so I thought.

I get forwarded an email which states that the pilot was deemed as not ‘fit for purpose’, it wasn’t clear enough In places, it had too many ways that it could turn into a discussion rather than a show and tell, it was felt that if this was the level of the training that was going to be produced, then it would be better if it was done by someone else.


Er, who??  The only three other people that could, and really should be doing it, can’t because they are too busy Supposedly!!


I was asked to come up with the training that made people think as well as get talked to!

That would be discussion then.


Wasn’t clear!?

So the Show and tell element has less detail as it is covered in the exercise


Is this not what a pilot is for, to iron out the bugs, make sure that my idea is the same as yours, get something close to the brief you wanted, oh, hang on, the brief was written on a postage stamp, with a blunt pencil and still left room for the queens head and the price, so please explain to me how I could have done any better!


So I am in the process of not only adding new material, another wonderful suggestion from the pilot, but also rewriting whole pieces so that they fit the ideal, if they ever get their collective head out of their arse to actually decide what that is.


I understand that sometimes what people want is not always what they either impart in the way of instruction, or what they expect, but please, having taken 6 months to actually get this moving to a state where we have something workable, I would appreciate if people said to me, ‘look, you could change that, not happy with this’ etc, rather than I hear third/fourth hand.


Thanks for listening, and in the words of the late great Don Diego de la Vega, ‘I think a scarlet red suit would be better than black’  

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