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Error message SV033 when creating a new movement type.

When we try to create in the customizing transaction OMJJ a new movement type as a copy of a standard movement type we might receive the error message “Specify the key within the work area” (Message no. SV033).

This will be the case if the previous definition of the Work Area that we have just made is incorrect:


When we run the customizing transaction OMJJ a pop-up window appears to restrict the Field Selection. Here we just set a flag on ‘Movement type’ and continue.





Then a new pop-up window is displayed: ‘Determine Work Area: Entry’. 

Here is where we need to determine a correct Work Area that comprises not only the original movement type (the one that we desire to copy) but also the target movement type (the one that we wish to create).

At this point we can select then, for instance, as a Work Area, from the standard movement type 201 to the new movement type that we will be creating: 921.





We continue by pressing enter.


Then select the movement type that we want to copy, 201, and click the icon ‘Copy as…’ (F6).

Overwrite the selected movement type with the new movement type to be created:






Then, copy all dependent entries:




The system will copy all control indicators from the reference movement type to the new movement type.


After the copy has been finished you will get a message with the number of dependent entries copied. When accepted, you will be sent back to the Overview window where you will be able to see the message “Number of entries copied: 1” (Message no. SV014).


The new movement type 921 will be created already, and you will be able to change its settings as desired, according to your own needs, but, please, do not forget to save when you have finished! Otherwise the data will be lost.

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  • yea…this  is  an annoying issue  which  comes up every now and then,  usually  i bypass it by the trial  and error  method 🙂

    Useful post