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Sizing Guidelines for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, Now Available…

Have you ever wondered how to manage sizing and performance in productive scenarios with SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment? As this is not a straightforward process, there are sizing guidelines documents per product which can help you make a general estimation for the sizing requirements.


The sizing guidelines for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment SP6 are now available for download on the Service Marketplace.


This guidelines document will help those who have to do hardware sizing for productive SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment systems. The sizing recommendations are based on an SOA reference scenario which utilizes most of the technologies available in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. As there are many different factors that can impact the performance of a custom-built application, the guidelines should be considered a general recommendation.  

There are currently ongoing activities to provide sizing guidelines for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, Enhancement Package 1. Should you have feedback about the current document, you are welcome to send it to the authors – their contacts are provided in the document itself.

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