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Call For Speakers for 2009 ASUG/Sapphire – Time is Running Out

Times are tough right now across the globe.  Travel expenses are being scrutinzed like never before, so it’s challenging to think about planning a trip in 2009.  But I’d encourage you to think about your recent successes and ongoing projects and propose an abstract before the 01-Dec-2008 deadline.  Why?  Because the benefits are tangible, face-to-face networking is still crucial, and even if new projects may be slowing down, we still need to support the existing ones and continue planning for the future.

Basic logistics:

Topics I’m looking for:

  Okay, I’ll be selfish and promote topics in the tracks for my Special Interest Groups and the BITI (Business, Integration, Technology and Infrastructure) Community.  We put up a wiki page on SDN a couple weeks ago and called it the “Call For Topics”:

  Check it out, see what areas you may be an expert on. And, if you’re not sure if you can talk about those specific topics, drop me a line, or add to the wiki page.

  Justifying travel to the conference can be easier if you are a selected speaker, as you receive complimentary (that’s “free”) admission to the event.  This also includes the Sapphire conference, so that’s like a double feature!  Plus, up to 1 co-speaker on your subject will also receive a complimentary admission. in case you worked on a large team project and aren’t conversant in all aspects, or you worked with a specific partner that has expertise you want to tap into.

  Public speaking might be scary for some people, like those who might be more technically inclined (or just maybe shy).  We can help you prepare your presentation so it’s lively, get you tips on how to share your message, and set up rehearsals for you.  If you’d like, we’ll arrange for a webcast so you can practice your speech without literally standing in front of a crowd.  In fact, if your proposed content isn’t chosen for the ASUG event, we might ask you to do webcasts.  It’s a great way to build up your network, and possibly earn CAP (education/consulting) credits from SAP.

  The peer-to-peer networking of face-to-face events can’t be emphasized enough.  We’ll have a vendor floor with the largest number of SAP partners assembled in one place (in the world, as far as I know).  Last year’s event drew 15,000 attendees, which is a huge number of potential contacts for you.  We’ll have experts from SAP, both speaking and working at booths (“pods”), so you can quickly find answers and solutions, and build your contact list.

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  • Jim,
    Excellent post, as always.

    I’d like to remind folks that now is an opportune time to share and learn – to see how an effective automation of a business process via Workflow or BPM can save your company beaucoups bucks.  Many case studies have been presented at past ASUG conferences on the Return On Investment that companies can achieve with Workflow.