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Using a simple UI to publish Web Services to the Services Registry in CE 7.1.1

<body><p>Composition Environment 7.1 EhP1 brings with it a UI to publish a Web Service onto it’s Services Registry. All one needs is the WSDL of the Web Service. This blog shows a simple step wise approach on using this UI. </p><p>System Requirements:</p><p>- SAP Composition Environment 7.1 EhP1 (trial version available for download on SDN)</p><p>In this example, a simple BAPI to Create a Purchase Order has been wrapped into a function module from which a web service, ZCREATEPOWS has been created. Here are the steps one needs to execute the new approach to publish this Web Service onto the Services Registry:</p><p>Step 1: Obtain the WSDL of this Web Service from the backend system (in this case ECC 6.0)</p><p>Go to WSADMIN transaction and click on the WSDL button as shown to bring up the WSDL and get it’s URL:</p><p><img  />//|height=443|alt=image|width=644|src=|border=0!</p><p>Step 2: Copy the URL of the WSDL that appears, as shown below:</p><p> <img  />//|height=497|alt=image|width=647|src=|border=0!</p><p>Step 3: Launch the Services Registry using the URL [http://<CE_server_name:<port_number>/sr | http://<ce_server_name:<port_number>/sr] and click on the “Publish” link under the “Service Definitions” tab. Here, enter the WSDL URL obtained from the previous step. After this, on clicking on next, you will be prompted to enter the log on credentials of the backend system that houses the service definition.</p><p> <img  />//|height=339|alt=image|width=650|src=|border=0!</p><p>Step 4: Enter the details of the physical system on which the Web Service is defined. In this case, it is an ABAP system</p><p><img  />//|height=476|alt=image|width=648|src=|border=0!</p><p>Step 5: Choose “Configured” if the implementation is already done in the backend and the endpoints are ready. If not, choose either “Modelled” or “Activated/Deployed” as per the given situation</p><p><img  />//|height=398|alt=image|width=657|src=|border=0!</p><p> Step 6: This will be followed by a classification screen wherein classifications can be assigned to the Web Service so that better governance and search capabilities can be achieved. Following this, the Web Service is successfully published onto the Services Registry.</p><p> </p><p><img  /></body>

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