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SAP CRM 7.0 Multi Chat for Interaction Center

Click the image below to check out my video clip of SAP CRM 7.0’s Interaction Center capabilities for mutli-chat.

Did you know that Interaction Center agents can process up to six chat sessions with customers simultaneously. See how agents can handle multiple chat sessions efficiently by using Standard Response capability. These standard responses can also include attribute variables, such as Contact First Name, to personalize interactions.


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  • Hi Kim, just a quick question from my side. As I recall, the multi-chat functionality was first introduced in CRM 2007 (only with SP02 or greater), and then comes standard with CRM 7.0? Additionally I heard that the Chat Editor will also have some additional functionality in CRM 7.0 involving Knowledge Management integration? Just to clarify, I guess this multi-chat demo is based on the CRM 2007 SP02+ version of the Chat Editor and that a separate video blog will also be forthcoming with the new Knowledge Management integration features?
    • Hi John,

      Great question. The multi-chat functionality as shown was originally introduced in CRM 2007 SP02 (but is also included with CRM 7.0 standard), and that CRM 7.0 will also come with additional chat features such as Knowledge Integration (and that a separate video blog will be posted by Pavithra N which highlights those new features). Take care,  Kim

  • Hello,

    how can I save the script of the chat? In my CRM 7.0 I can see the icon “Save” next to the button “Send” but this functionality isn’t activated.

    Thanks and many regards

    • Hi Sarah,
      Would you like to email me directly? I checked your Business Card on BPX and there is not an email address listed.

      Have you opened an OSS message for this?

      We can take the topic offline to continue so I can gain a better understanding of the issue.

      Take care,


  • Hi Kim,

    Can we accept both call as well as email at a time, like accepting an incoming email as well as accepting incoming phone call at the same time.

    Please let me know if it is possible.

    And also like Multi-Chat do we we have Multi-Email Functionality available.



  • Hi Kim ,

    Great that you just gave a detailed description of how to use chat functionality , But can you help me in the case in which I am not able to activate my chat, The chat functionality remains disabled even after , i click on the chat button on the header area. Please look for the screenshot to find the problem i am facing .