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In this blog we are going to look at the deployment of teradata driver and creation of data source using the NWA which replaces Visual Admin in CE.


Launch the net weaver administrator (NWA) using http://localhost:50000/nwa

Select Configuration Management->Infrastructure->Application Resources




Installing JDBC Driver.

Select Deploy New JDBC Driver from the Drop Down.

Provide a name for the Driver here its “TeradataDriver”

Click on the add New Driver and add respective driver files from the vendor

Click on Save.




Following links will help to download drivers from different vendors


Microsoft SQL

Max Db





Creating Data Source




Select New JDBC Custom Data Source.

Following details are required to create a data source


Driver Class Name: com.ncr.teradata.TeraDriver (Varies from vendor to vendor)

Database URL: jdbc:teradata://localhost/TMODE=ANSI,CHARSET=UTF8 (parameters are different for each vendor)      




Code to Test the JDBC Connection


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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Sirisha,

      It is great to know that someone is referring this after 5years of posting on sdn 🙂 . This was done when CE was initially launched to customers as GA. Screen shots are from NWA and it seems to be still the same.

      For the latest version of Teradata drivers you can refer the Teradata website mentioned below.

      Teradata JDBC Driver | Teradata Developer Exchange




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