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Analysis of PS Project Closing Errors

In order to reduce the size of database and improve system performance, regular archiving of transactional objects is carried out in SAP applications. Project structures in PS could be quite complex and inclusion of them everytime in period end closing activities can impact performance adversely. As such, so that they are not included in these jobs and also avoid any inadvertent posting to project, it is necessary that projects are put to status “Closed” regularly.

Project administrators often face issues in closing the projects. A lot of checks are built in the system in the form of warning and errors before a project can be closed. Based on experience, a large number of issues faced are listed below along with action to resolve them:

1. Open commitments in the project- Check if there is a)Open PR, b)Open reservations- set final issue indicator c)Open PO assigned to any object in project structure- set delivery completed indicator

2. Open downpayments exist- Check downpayments from both AR( Sales order) and AP( Purchase order) side and ensure that downpayment documents are cleared

3. Still uncleared WIP in FI- this error arises if there is any component in FI that is not reversed. Set the WBS status to TECO or status whichever cancels all WIP and carry out RA and settlement.

4. Balance of project not zero- this can be checked in CJI3, if there is any balance, carry out RA and settlement. If it does not solve the problem, check which object in project structure has this balance. Reversing this balance if it is possible could be one way of solving this. Also review settlement rule and ensure that settlement is happening correctly.

5. Delivery from project not completed- Ensure that if delivery is created for the project, it is processed completely with picking requests, transfer orders and good issue completed.

6. Networks not closed- Before closing WBS, close all the activities and networks assigned to that WBS.

7. Any customized(Z) error message- check if there is any validation active for the project, which comes into play while saving the project. Check the custom logic of this validation and proceed accordingly.

Please remember that some of the warnings issued at the time of closing the project may come up as errors in the next step when you are trying to set deletetion flag on the project. So note down the warnings at this step itself and try to resolve them.

There may be other errors not given above. Please refer to consulting category SAP notes for more specific errors and solutions.

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  • Hi Sourabh,

    This is a crisp presentation of issues faced while closing projects. Since I have worked on similar issues with Service orders, I am able to appreciate the manner in which it is presented. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and gained a lot in the process. Keep writing and sharing more of your experience.