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Mark Yolton Welcomes Process Design Slammers

As I was uploading flickr pics from the TechEds, stumbled upon the fact that my digital stills camera automated an upload of a video to flickr as well.  This was quite convenient and good quality so I thought I’d share that as an addendum to my earlier post about the Bangalore Process Design Slam. 

Actually the executive commitment that we witnessed (most of us from afar) at community day in Shanghai was very much present in Bangalore to everyone’s delight.  Here we have Mark Yolton, welcoming folks to our very first Process Design Slam (quite an informal affair) in Bangalore.

Chip Rodgers, Philippe Rosset, and Craig popped in to bolster support and amazingly Michael Bechauf and Marco ten Vaanholt were incredibly good sports and fully participated breaking both the first and last eggs of the evening and good-naturedly letting the egg be on their faces rather than on the community’s.

Rock on! (or is it Egg On?).

More pictures are found here:

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