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Developers Tools Day – Last Call for a free event

I started out trying to write this blog with the idea that I’d embed a Google map showing the event location, with a few little easy steps for you to click around, put your home or office address and figure out how far it would be to drive or fly to the MET center at the University of Kentucky.  It’s near Cincinnati Ohio.  But then, if you are in the area, you probably already know how far away Cincinnati is.

Unfortunately for me, it is 549 miles away.  Not sure, but probably a bit farther than driving from Hamburg to Freiburg, Germany; and a couple hours longer drive as well.  Airplane would work, but expensive for a one day “free” event and harder to justify to my management.

Eddy’s map of the SDN world would be one way to chart a course from your place to the Developers Tools Day, but that link isn’t working for me at the moment.

I was able to generate a new Google API key to replace the one that became useless when my long-time ISP shut their modems down earlier this year.  As I had backups of my KML files, I was able to flail around and build a view after a struggle.

View Small Map

  View Large Map


Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the forest for the trees (or Google is just messing with my head) as I keep getting blank maps, or putting the building somewhere in Greenland, so I thought I’d better stop and get back to the original intent, which was announcing the event. Like, there must be some level of zoom that works.


The upcoming event is like an ASUG chapter meeting, but bigger, and focused on development  technologies.  We’ve got Thomas Jung, Peter McNulty and Katie Beavers (though there’s talk that we may have one of them only virtually).  We’ve got a hackers night on the day, er, night before.  That would be December 4th, so the 2nd Annual Developers Tools Day is Friday, December 5, 2008.

I did a podcast with Thomas Jung last month, and posted it in this blog.

Register here (limited to ASUG members):

Oh, yeah, here’s the other guys map link:

More links if you’re really, really serious.  No, I mean it.

ASUG Developer Tools Day Pre-Conference Hacker Night

ASUG Developer Tools Day Pre-Conference Hacker Night – Driving Directions

ASUG Developer Tools Day Pre-Conference Hacker Night – NKU Campus Map 


By the way, while I was looking up references to geocoding, I updated the SDN wiki page that indexes different blogs on maps.  Feel free to add any that snuck by me.


Here’s a completely gratutitous screen shot of Thomas Jung hand waving in Bangalore last week.


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