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A collection of Reverse Proxy resources

On a regular basis I receive e-mails on a variety of reverse proxy/application gateway questions in combination with SAP NetWeaver and applications running on SAP NetWeaver. There is quite a number of very good resources available already, however they are not all in the same location, so I thought I’d share the resources I have used over the past few years. The information in this blog is by no means a complete list, but it is a good start…

SAP software adheres to industry standards so it can be vendor neutral and can work with a multitude of reverse proxies, so the list below also includes links to some vendor documentation on reverse proxy offerings.

There are many aspects to a web infrastructure, so at the end of the blog I added links to interesting blogs on Wide Area Network acceleration.

The most comprehensive resource on SAP web infrastructure topics is an SAP Press book called “Building Web Infrastructures with SAP NetWeaver Application Server” (ISBN-978-1-592229-161-8) written by SAP RIG colleagues Oliver Nocon and Volker Zirkel. This book discusses reverse proxy as a web infrastructure component, but also discusses other web infrastructure topics like load balancing, high availability, security, performance, and sizing and load tests.

SAP Note 833960 is a very important note to read when you start planning a reverse proxy and will have multiple backend systems. The note specifies a limitation that unification of multiple backend systems under one external hostname by the application gateway is not supported. One solution is to set up multiple external URL’s mapped to multiple backend systems using virtual hostnames in the reverse proxy. For example you could have external names,, and mapped to your respective backend systems. SAP RIG colleague Nghia Nguyen’s Know How Network Call gives examples on this using Apache.


SAP Press book:

SDN Resources:

Know How Network Call by SAP RIG colleague Nghia Nguyen: “Apache Reverse Proxy – multi-backend scenarios”

Alon Weinstein’s reverse-proxy blog series on SDN:

The Reverse Proxy Series — Part 1: Introduction

The Reverse Proxy Series — Part 2: IIS as a reverse-proxy

The Reverse Proxy Series — Part 3: Apache as a reverse-proxy

SAP NetWeaver Portal, FPN, and Reverse Proxy how-to/best practice guides:

Important SAP Notes:

Service Marketplace aliases: Security in Detail – Infrastructure Security (includes the guide “TCP/IP Port  used by SAP Applications” SAP NetWeaver Network Security

SAP Teched:

SAP Teched has had a session on reverse proxy concepts for the past few years. If anyone from your organization went to SAP Teched you can try to download these session materials under their registration. This list gives the year and the session code:

2006 – SPC250, AGS207

2007 – LCM255

2008 – LCM265

URL Prefixes for CRM5.2:

W3C/IETF resources: (section 8.1.3 – Proxy Servers)

Web Dispatcher:


WebSeal Admin Manual:

WebSeal Virtual Host Junction concepts:


On the topic of WAN acceleration:

On Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver (AccAD)

Introducing Accelerated Application Delivery 2.1 for SAP NetWeaver

Speed up access to applications with Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver

Joerg Nalik’s blog on “Network Infrastructure for SAP Application-based Landscapes”, this blog includes links to network partner white papers focused on WAN acceleration:

Network Infrastructure for SAP Application-based Landscapes

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