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TechEd Bangalore – Day of Process Slam


Second Day of TechEd started pretty early for me. I had signed up for a 4 hour Hands-on Session COMP164 Developing Compaosite Applications with NW CE by Matthias Kretschmer. I had reviewed ES Packages Wiki and the ES Workplace testing a couple of services earlier but never got the hang of a Composite Application in practice. That was the reason for doing this Hands-on session and it was very good learning. The best part was starting with Business Process example developing it in Process Composer and then walking through the other technical tools of NW Composition Environment to develop the composite mapping to the business process.
Needless to say by the time the session finished I had a fairly good idea of CE and some of its most common perspectives that should keep me busy exploring for next few months.

After a late lunch (food was bit scarce) went over to Clubhouse where chatted with Marco ten Vaanholt. He had some questions around BPX community and content for it which I need to get back to him later next week. It was indeed interesting to know that he had discussions with the topmost layer – Ginni Rometty Senior VP heading GBS Globally and now with me the lowermost layer on the same topic but of course at different level (strategic versus very operational).

It was time for a Mentor Meetup attended by Community Managers – Marilyn Pratt, Michael Bechauf; Product Managers – Karl Kessler, Christian Oehler and Mentors – Abesh, Tarun Telang, Rajesh Banka, Dipankar Saha and myself. Michael Bechauf set the ball rolling with the basic question how and what needs to done to attract quality content which will be of use to the whole Community. Marilyn mentioned about internal meetings between Product Managers & SCN Editors where Community is not represented. Proposed setting up fornightly calls including Mentors / Community Champions. All were in agreement that SCN needs to move from just Forum-driven to more mature and quality content that ideally should be in the Wiki. The current challenge with Wiki is either there is little or no content or there is a lot of content but not quality content. Michael Bechauf pointed out that from implementation experience IMG Guide is the only thing available – an extension how-to guide is required and who else but the Community to contribute to that. Learnings and abstractions from project is what he expects to be shared in SCN and pushed forward the idea of a quality board for the Community and follow it up with strict enforcement. There are lot of experts but not all are coming forward to contribute – SAP internal experts (Product and Solution Management) having conflict of interest (publishing content for Service Marketplace vs public domain – SAP Community Network) and Community external experts due to lack of incentive (read points). Marilyn thanked Christian Oehler from Business Suite team to be one of the pioneers from SAP publishing content in SCN. The meeting ended with Mentors voicing their concern regarding a Job Board under SCN fold.

Well it was time to attend my first lecture session of TechEd – LCM223 Surf on the Virtualization Wave : Run SAP Systems on Virtual Server Technology by Gunther Schmalzhaf. What seemed to be a very technical session, delightfully provided a right mix of technology and business context.

While the curtain went down on Day 2 of TechEd for a lucky few of us stayed back for Process Slam and RIA Hacker night. Thomas Jung weaved his magic to a small group of “geeks” eager to explore the latest advancements in Flash Islands. Next room 25 odd “suits” including Marco ten Vaanholt, Michael Bechauf and Ann Rosenberg did collective brainstorming figuring out a process to land an egg safely after dropped from ceiling height with bare minimum resources (two balloons, one plastic bag, stapler, 6 A4 sheets, small cellotape and of course one egg). This was Process Slam with Marc Dietrich throwing the challenge and later having a tough time deciding on the winning team.

The winning team of Process Slam with their solution (L to R – Somnath Manna, Gopala Krishna, BA Shivalumar, Sudipta Mukherjee, Paramesh Velaga).

Paramesh showing off technology behind winning team
Paramesh from winning team showing off reusable paper technology that nestled the egg sandwiched between two balloons packed inside the plastic bag.

Michael Bechauf on his knees nursing egg

Michael Becauf on his knees nursing precious egg. Needless to say Process Slam was a great success. The top three teams got goodies thanks to Marilyn whose bag seemed to be full … I traded mine (memory stick) with a very precious goodie – Harmonica from Las Vegas Community Day. Here is a picture of it.

COmmunity Day Harmonica

Our discussion from mentor meetup continued over dinner between Marilyn, Christian and Ann before it was time to call it a day.

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