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Subscriptions Price Reductions

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to hear that the move we’ve taken around SDN Subscriptions is resulting in some lively discussion and response. We firmly believe that this change is a win for our development community.  This is a move we’ve been looking to make for quite some time, and I’m pleased that we’re now able to roll out what many of you have been requesting. Bottom line – it is important to continue to seek ways to make it easier for all of you to get your hands on the tools you need to innovate. We hope you agree this is a step in the right direction.

Here the facts:


Subscriptions Package

 New Price  Old Price
NetWeaver Development License Germany: €1,071
US: $1,170 +tax
Germany: €2,082.50
US: $2,300 + tax
NetWeaver Composition License Germany: €476
US: $520 + tax
Germany: €1,011.50
US: $1,100 + tax






To purchase a license, please go to:

Here the reasons:

You may be curious as to the reasons behind this reduction. Well, we launched the subscriptions program over a year ago, in September 2007. Since the launch, many of you have been vocal about the subscriptions program, particularly how it should evolve over time, the geographical expansion needed, and to some extent the pricing. We’ve heard some subscribers say that they’ve received a great deal of value for the money; however, we’ve also received feedback from others that the financial burden for individual subscribers made the offerings out of reach for their budgets. Our goal here is to further expand the community of developers that have access to the tools they need to innovate. We’ve listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that we’re taking steps to make the full NetWeaver platform much more accessible and affordable to our development community. The NetWeaver Development Subscription is still the same package with the same benefits and components as before. You will still receive the comprehensive NetWeaver platform, tools, resources, and knowledge (Virtual TechEd along with bundled support and many great features.

Here for existing subscribers:

A couple of words to existing subscription customers. To provide compensation for the price difference, we have a special program for current customers who bought their subscriptions on or after September 1, 2008. All customers who either bought a new subscription or who renewed their subscription on or after September, 2008, will receive a 6 months extension. We are sending notifications to all customers who qualify for the extension.

Here about country availability:

Today the subscriptions are still only available in Germany and in the US. Many of you have been asking at recent TechEds when we will offer the subscriptions in other countries, particularly in Canada, Brazil, the rest of Europe and Australia. We are looking at various options and we really want to make the expansion happen as soon as possible, however we can not give you a date at this time.

Here about free downloads:

A final note regarding the free downloads. For those of you who do not need a license for commercial reasons, we will continue to offer several components of SAP NetWeaver as free download trials. We are working on a final and official download policy. Please keep in mind that the free software and tools are available for non productive use only, whereas the SAP NetWeaver Subscription license provides commercialization rights, including the license to sell, demo, and market applications developed with an active subscription. Commercialization is key for developers and ISVs building commercial applications and solutions with SAP NetWeaver. The subscription also offers the ABAPTM programming language and Java development tools and resources, bundled support, including premium content, knowledge bases, and permissions to register ABAP namespaces. For a comparison between the free downloads and the subscriptions, please go to:

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  • Claudine:

    I read this blog with great pleasure -:) I think it’s great that SAP has choose to re-price the subscription program, allowing more people to access it.
    Peru is not listed on the soon to be available countries…No surprises…I might be the only one to buy it LOL However, I think it’s great that you’re planning to extend the limits of the program.

    Thanks for this!


  • According to €1274.49 (inc 19% DE Tax) is £1064.45 or a MERE £20.50 a week!
    Ex tax the price is £893

    The US price is £775 + tax
    Whats the US Tax hit?

    Strange numbers though … didn’t you every hear of the psycology of €995?

    Thanks for listening to the community … we appreciate it.


    • Ahhhh I think I see the error of my ways. The DE pricing INCLUDES the 19% tax. Thus €900 + €171 in tax for a total of €1071.
      The US price does not include tax because that is State based depending on your shipping address.

      That is even better.


  • Slowly, but surely, we seem to be moving towards a price point that is meaningful for ISVs & practitioners to use SDN services.
    Ideally, SAP would benefit from making the SDN subscription much like ‘an offer you cannot refuse’, and that would be at or about $30 – 45/ month or approx $500 – 500 p.a.
    Congratulations on the current move.


  • Claudine, pricing is a big issue for those in US/germany and reductions are always welcome – however the rest of us outside us/germany dont have the equal access to the subscriptions – are there any plans at all for other contries – you guys are represented all over the globe so I am guessing here that legal issues are already clear..
  • Claudine,

    Can you please give some update on timimgs for the SDN Subscription rollout in Canada. I am really anxiously waiting to subscribe.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Sanjeev,

      Currently we have no plans to expand the subscription program to other countries in 2009. We are looking into other options to provide the community with additional subscription program services. If you are an SAP partner, you could purchase a partner license through your local partner manager in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Regards,


  • I assume a rollout to South Africa is also on the cards?? What is the implication of of buying it in a country where subscription is currently rolled out and using it in a country currently not on the list?


    • Hi Marius,

      Unfortunately we are not going to roll the program out in S. Africa this year.  From a legal stand point, the license is supposed to be used in the country where it’s been purchased. You may consider purchasing a copy of the NW Development License (perpetual) through direct sales or through your local partner manager (if you are an SAP partner).  Best,