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SAP Mentor at SAP Insider BPM2008 Marseille

I presently am in Las Vegas attending the SAP Insider BPM2008 event but before I post some of my impressions of this specific event in the US, I’d like to retroactively describe a meeting I had two weeks ago in Marseille, when I attended the European SAP Insider BPM2008 event.  I was invited to join as a speaker and privileged to be part of an SAP contingent that included Ann Rosenberg (SAP Business Transformation Consulting), Greg Prickril (SAP NetWeaver BPM Lead Designer), [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] (SAP Process Governance Office), Donka Dimitrova (SAP Netweaver BPM product Management) and Arkin Efeoglu (SAP forum moderator of Enterprise Services Workplace) as well as Charles Möller (Center for Industrial Production at Aalborg University).

While helping cover the vendor booths and meeting with some 600 plus BPM oriented customers, I met up with SAP Mentor Mike Pokraka who was invited as a speaker on the topic of SAP Business Workflow.  I also engaged in conversation with IDS Scheer’s Peter Keller on the topic of whether workflow was a methodology.

See video below:

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  • I liked this discussion of the separation of Workflow from BPM on the forum level and issues regarding whether you can have a thriving forum discussing, say, business process methodology.

    Thx for posting Marilyn.

    – Jon Reed –

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    • I think that Mike was right on target, and as a follow-on to his comments that customers may find out the holes in their processes once they have implemented workflow… I suspect that some of the questions a good workflow developer asks can help flesh out what the process is or should be.  It’s not that we simply find out who-does-what, but the when, and why are also important questions.
      So, no, Workflow is not a methodology per se, but you can unearth some interesting facts when it’s being implemented.
    • I’m afraid I wasn’t able to read your post.  Would you be so kind as to try again using English characters.  Thanks, Marilyn