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Role of Business Process Excellence (BPx) in building emotional infrastructure

As per the words of Vijay Govindarajan, a professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and Subroto Bagchi, a co-founder of Indian IT services company MindTree physical infrastructure you can buy. Intellectual infrastructure you can create, borrow, or inter-network. But emotional infrastructure is the most nebulous and most difficult to build. It offers the most sustainable competitive advantage to any organization.  They summarized the following things that organizations can do to build emotionally bonded enterprises in the article.   

  1. leaders need to be accessible in times of need
  2. leaders need to be transparent, trustworthy, and communicative
  3. believe the institution is truly one of a kind
  4. they understand how to let rich and supportive social networks grow within the institution
  5. they feel they have a real opportunity to attain the unattainable as they contribute to a higher mission
  6. they think they are special just for being a part of the institution
If anybody read this article this far, will have question in mind why this guy is posting this stuff in BPX community.  Because, I believe there is a connection between business process excellence and building emotionally bonded organizations which in turn creates great enterprises.  Here is why but please feel free to discuss.
The first and foremost lesson I learned in BPX community is that one should give importance to “process” rather than its implementation details.  What really happens when “process” and its associated “process goals” takes precedence than how one can achieve it.  That will break down the traditional barriers that exist between departments and gives opportunity for everybody in the process to attain a higher goal ( point 5 ). Leaders can be accessible and transparent only through sound processes in place (point 1 & 2).  How can I believe that institution that I work for truly one of a kind if it didn’t have processes that far superior than others (point 3).  It is apparent now a days that for any organization to succeed it must encourage the volunteer social networks with in the organization to breed innovation.  So, it is important to support those social networks which has tendency of changing their processes faster than ever before and still keeping the aspects of governance in tact (point 4). All of us feel good to part of SDN/BPX communities not only because we get answers when we are struck but also due to programs such as UN Food program (point 6). 
So my dear BPx community members now you might be getting the idea.  You might be knowingly or unknowingly playing a key role in the organizations you are working for by building the most of important thing that is not that easy to build.

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