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Drag &Drop functionality in WD Java

Lets consider a scenario where you have two lists, you  want to select few row/rows from one table and want to move to another another table .So far, for implementing these kind of scenarioes we used to create buttons and in button actions we used to write the code for moving the data from one List to another….Right ??

Definetly , Drag and Drop feature will add value in these kind of requirements ,which will be more user-friendly  for the end users .

With CE 7.1 Eph1 , webDynpro Java supports Drag&Drop functionality.Lets look into the Drag and Drop related properties in the ItemList control. (Table and Tree control also supports Drag&Drop) . This can achieved by using  DragSourceInfo and DropTargetInfo.

To drag the contents of a List UIElement we need to attach a DragSourceInfo to that List control. This means that we can drag the fields/data within the List control.For each DragSourceInfo , there should be traget.This Target is called DropTargetInfo.

One important property of DragSourceInfo and DropTargetInfo is “tags”.You need to specify the same name for these two so they it will identify the respective source and targets.




In the same way, if we want to drag the contents from List2 to List1, we need to create DragSourceInfo on List2 and DropTargetInfo on List1 with same name for the peropety “tags” .

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