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Consuming Enterprise Services of SNC using XI Content

Consuming Enterprise Services of SNC using XI Content   

SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) is an innovative, Web-based component that supports SAP’s global vision for adaptive supply chain networks. The component, based on the mySAPTM Supply Chain Management (mySAP SCM) solution, supports a range of cutting-edge business scenarios in supplier and customer collaboration environments. SAP SNC provides a powerful and comprehensive means of enhancing cooperation, efficiency, and knowledge sharing throughout the supply chain.


For Supplier Collaboration using SAP SNC, Master Data and Transactional Data needs to be transferred from SAP ERP (ECC) to SAP SNC.


For Master Data transfer which is typically one time data transfer from SAP ERP to SAP SNC, we use Core Interface (CIF) which uses Synchronous QRFC Communication.

Please refer web log “Configuration of Suppliers’ Master Data in SCM for SNC Collaboration”.


For transferring Transactional Data which is specific to various Supplier Collaboration Scenarios in SNC, we need to make use of Enterprise Services in SAP SNC.

 The enterprise services packages for the SAP Business Suite on SAP NetWeaver 2004s focus on providing synchronous Web services. However, Web services provided or called by an SAP application need not be invoked synchronously. The underlying technical infrastructure of SAP Web AS also supports asynchronous service invocations. For Example, in case of SAP SNC Purchase Order Collaboration Scenario, asynchronous inbound Service Operation of Replenishment Order Notification is used for transactional Purchase Order Data from SAP ERP (ECC) to SAP SNC using XI/PI. To consume these Enterprise Services in SAP SNC, we need to use XI/PI Content for SNC for transforming the SAP ERP (ECC) transactional data into the format which is acceptable to Enterprise Services. 

The Pre-Delivered Content in XI/PI is having the Message Interfaces and Mapping

programs to transform the Transactional Data of SAP ERP (ECC) into the XML format of Enterprise Services and to transfer that Data to SAP SNC.


XI/PI Integration Server then communicates with the SAP Web AS of SAP SNC for calling Enterprise Services or for transferring the Transactional Data to SAP SNC.

 The XI Integration Server understands all common network communication protocols, and application protocols, such as HTTP and SOAP. In addition, it offers the specific XI protocol on the application level. This protocol is based on SOAP and enhances it with information required to provide network infrastructure services, such as message routing, reliable messaging, and message monitoring. These services are not available in point-to-point scenarios that rely on the standard SOAP protocol. By default, the XI Integration Server is accessed via the XI protocol. However, other protocols can be utilized by using adapters. 

Communication between the XI Integration Server and SAP Web AS is always carried out using the XI protocol. As this protocol is an enhanced SOAP protocol and based on HTTP, the HTTP Communication Layer can also handle XI protocol messages without modification.

The Product SAP SNC and the Software Component Version SAP SNC 5.1 in XI/PI contains the Message Interfaces and Mapping Programs for SNC Content under the Namespace

The Communication using XI/PI for consuming Enterprise Services happens as shown below.


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