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TechEd and Environment Awareness

Environment Awareness (part of CSR) has been around for sometime in the Community primarily kicked off by Jim Spath last year. He is the person who motivated SAP Management to provide Make Mine Carbon Neutral at Las Vegas. I hoped that it will be here at Bangalore but it was not 🙁 However it was better than Reuse Recycle when thousands of 200 ml plastic bottled water was dished out. This year there was water dispensers and paper cups. You can argue paper cups are not environment-friendly either but better than the plastic waste. I brought my own plastic bottle and Marlyn has a photo of that.

Another noticeable point this TechEd was paper – practically no paper. Only in Hand’s-on session the exercises was photocopied back-to-back. There was much less paper (Demo Jam handout) compared to last year and more people carrying laptop used pdf files of the sessions.

Lastly TechEd bag – of course last years bag was better. This year SAP offered option to return the bag after TechEd and distribute them to local schools. I don’t thing there will be bags left back. I thought of leaving mine but see who took my bag.

And given the joy in her face I could not think of returning it.

PS: Marilyn suggested modification of blog Title.

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