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iView works when previewed but is blanked when assigned to a role/page.

This blog describes the solution to following scenerios – An iView works fine and when previewed but will be blanked out when assigned to a user who does not have admin roles or sometimes only a particular user has the blank page issue. These scenerios can be troubleshooted and fixed as below,


1. A role is assigned to user but there is no content under the role or sometimes the role itself is not visible in the Top Level Navigation with user’s login even though the role has entry point set.


In this case the issue is with the permissions set for that iView and if this iView is assigned to role/workset then permission set for the page/iView/workset could be problem. The role/user/group in which the user fall should have ‘eu’ permission on the objects to be displayed for end-user access.




When the role itself is not visible on the TLN check the permission for the user/user’s group on that role.


2. Page is assigned to role/workset but is not displayed for the user.


Again check the permissions on that page; also check if this particular page is hidden in navigational areas of the role/workset – Open the role/workset, navigate to the page and open the properties, find the property ‘Invisible in Navigation Areas’, make sure it is set to ‘No’.


The property called ‘Invisible in Navigation Areas’ can be used to set appropriate display condition of the portal object under the role without deleting it, this property is applicable to admin user access as well.




3. Page displays iView content to all the users who are assigned the role except one user


3.1 Check if the tray has been collapsed by the user.



 3.2 User must have personalized the page to hide the iView – Open the Page personalize option 



 Re-add the page from the Context menu of the iView or restore the page to default depending on the requirement. 


In order to avoid removal of iView from page by the end-users with personalize option, the property called ‘fixed’ should be checked from Content Administration.





The iView visibility in the page can also be set.

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