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Easy access to PI functionality with Ubiquity

A little while ago Michael Kögeland Easy search on SAP sites with Ubiquitywrote about using Ubiquity to access Enterprice Service Workplace or SDN/SCN.

Now I have created a new function, which can be used to get easy access to some of the functionalities in the PI system.

When the command is installed just open the Ubiquity command editor with CTRL + Space.

Enter the command PI. Then enter some keywords which can be used to find a PI system, which is saved in the browser history.  Finally enter “open” and then one of the keywords like directory.



The different resources which can be opened are:

  • repository 
  • directory
  • communicationchannel
  • nwa
  • cpacache
  • cpacacherefresh
  • sld
  • rwb
  • tools
  • messagingsystem
  • piadmin


To use this function first install Ubquity, see the earlier blog. Then and select subscribe in the part of the screen.


Then accept that you trust the code that I have made. This is the part which could lead into problems, since I’m not certified Java script programmer. If you want to have updates on, then select the Auto-update field.  


You should now be able to access your PI systems easy.


I have also updated the script for searching SCN. It can be found here

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