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Workflow and BPM – Survey says….

On September 23, ASUG (America’s SAP User Group) WF/BPM SIG sponsored a survey for all and sundry, near and far.  Our goal was to discover how effective webcasts are, how to make them better, and uncover what ‘our’ users really want to see in terms of distance and face-to-face learning.

We had 78 respondents, which is not so much, given the widespread distribution of the link, but still, for year-round communication and conference planning, it’s much better than sitting around by ourselves dreaming stuff up.  

Our respondents were from a variety of industries, geographies, and experience levels.  Their SAP releases were just as varied.   

Not too surprisingly, a lot of respondents wanted to know how to transition their Workflow skills into BPM and Guided Procedures.  There were also questions such as:
“How do all the tools tie together: BPM, CAF, CE, PI”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

As for what educational topics people were interested in – whether face-to-face or distance learning – Technical Topics (which I interpret to mean such things as Agent Determination, Event Management, using newer tools available in the Netweaver 7.0 stack) slightly outpaced BPM, followed very closely by Customer Case Studies.  

Anyway, you can read the results for yourself,  the unvarnished truth from the survey web site URL. The password is asug2008.  I do have a PPT version of this survey, but can’t quite figure out how to publish it.  There’s always more to learn!

On another (and very important note!) the Call For Speakers for the 2009 ASUG Annual Conference is open.  This conference is co-located with Sapphire, May 11 – 14, in Orlando, Florida.  You do not need to be an ASUG member to present!

Please feel free to visit the ASUG Event web site for more information.  

I look forward to hearing your feedback, about the survey, about speaking at ASUG (always a rich and rewarding experience), or even how I can get that dang PPT up to the SDN web site.

Thanks, as always, for listening. 

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