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SCN – Cool and Refreshing

Hello SCN developers,

 You have indeed done a fantastic job in improving the look and feel of the SCN Website. I can hardly imagine the planning and hard work that you have put in to achieve this. The new menu looks cool and the topics are easy to find. In short its a Cool Site!!!

However, I would like to point out one of the problems that I am facing in using this. I am using Mozilla Firefox 2.0.17 and have noticed that the links : About Us, How to Contribute, My Profile, Languages and the Welcome User name are all in White Font. It is appearing on the Top left hand site of the screen just below the Masthead area. Whereas on Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is appearing on the Masthead area.

Now we are all part of the SCN Community and we do love this Website a lot. We also love our Firefox. I hope that the SCN dev team will appreciate our concern and would find a work around of this problem. 

I hope to make the SCN a great user experience and would really appreciate if all SCN members inform the SCN dev team about any unexpected behaviour to improve the Site…


Thank You


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