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SAPlink, +10k downloads and a new version 0.1.4

 SAPlink release 0.1.4


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After 10k downloads and some time working to fix the bugs we released the SAPlink 0.1.4.



SAPlink 0.1.4 can be downloaded from Google Code Download page


The new release contains the following changes:

– Fixed a performance issue while downloading object to the file on local machine
– Fixed an issue that occurred when SAPLink tried to create the class that implements any methods of the interfaces
– Fixed an issue that occurred when the user tried to create a .nugg file from FUGR objects
– Fixed a problem where the deleted objects wasn’t ignored during package exporting
– Fixed an issue where the method source code was added twice into the file when the Class had a method alias
– Fixed an issue where a dump was occurring during the class creation when the developer puts 6 characters as a comment before method implementation


We’ll continue working to fix all known bugs, It’s expected to come with the next minor release SAPlink 0.1.x.


We expect to implement in the next major release SAPlink 0.2.0 new features like:

– All final distribution via nuggets
– Versioning support for nuggets
– Nugget dependencies for other nuggets
– Move DDic plugin into core release
– New ztable in core release for version info storage
– Slinkees used only as a tool during development, not for distribution
– Prompt to save objects to development package
– Allow plugins to inherit from other plugins (for example, classes<<interfaces)
– Table entries plugin to save nugget history on SAPlink upgrade
– Nugget editor:
   – Show meta view of all objects on a nugget
   – Add, replace, and remove objects from view
   – Input for version number available for objects
   – On save of view, nugget is (re)generated with current active objects
   – List of currently installed nuggets and versions
   – Uninstall nugget from current list
   – On install with overwrite, option to create backup nugget of current objects
   – Add dependencies to nugget. Example – This nugget is dependent on:
      – NUGG ZSAPLINK >= 0.1.3
      – NUGG ZBSP >= 0.1.0
      – NUGG ZFOOBAR >= 0.2.0


See SAPlink development roadmap for more information about releases.


Also you can see the SAPlink Wiki pages for more information like:

   – Documentation
   – Project Contributors
   – Current Projects using SAPlink
   – …


Thank you Ed Herrmann and Dan McWeeney to add my name to the list of members of SAPlink team.


Also thank you Ryan Quackenboss and all others members for the excellent job you’ve been doing.


Thanks to all those who reported the bugs or or shared their ideas for improvement. You all are part of the SAPlink team.


As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, either using this SAPlink group or by reporting a bug in SAPlink Issue page.

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