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Configuration of SuppliersÂ’ Master Data in SCM for SNC Collaboration

Configuration of Suppliers’ Master Data in SCM for SNC Collaboration 

In SNC component of SCM for Supplier Collaboration we need to set up Suppliers’ Master Data.


            The Supplier’s Organization Details and the Supplier’s end users who are going to use the SNC platform for Supplier Collaboration and their enterprise structure needs to be setup in SNC.


            First, the Master Data of Supplier (Vendor in ERP) needs to be transferred from SAP ERP (eg: ECC 6) to SAP SCM (SNC) using Core Interface (CIF).


            Core Interface or CIF is the tool used for synchronous data transfer from SAP ERP to SAP SCM which is usually for Master Data transfer. The Master Data in ERP for this particular case is Vendor Master Data.


In SAP ERP (ECC) system, use the Transaction Code “CFM1” to select the Vendor Master Data which needs to transferred to SAP SCM (SNC) as shown below.


Create the Model and APO Application to select the Vendor Master Data and to send it to SNC. A RFC connection of type “3(R/3 Connection)”needs to be created to transfer the data to SNC using the Transaction Code “SM59”.


 In this example, the RFC Connection “SC5100” is created for target SNC system using the details like Application Server, client, user ID and Password etc. of the SNC.


After Selecting the above mentioned details, select the Vendor Number and Plant Details to transfer that particular Vendor/Supplier Details to SNC as shown below.


And then Click “execute” Button/ F8.


Then the Integration Model will be created with selected data as shown below.


Then Click “Generate IM” Button to create the Integration Model and confirmation message will be displayed as shown below.


Now the Data selected as a part of Integration Model needs to be transferred to SNC using the Transaction Code “CFM2”.


In”CFM2”, the selected Integration Model needs to be activated and sent to SNC. Before sending the Vendor master Data, we have an option to create Business Partner for this Vendor/Supplier in SNC automatically. We have an option “Create Business Partner” for which we need to provide value “2”, which means create a Location and Business Partner in SNC for this Vendor/Supplier.


In SNC, Customer Plants and Supplier/Supplier Plants are treated as Locations. For each Customer Plant and for each Supplier/Supplier Location we need to create a Location in SNC. For Customer Plant a Location of type “1001 (Customer Plant)” will be created where as for Supplier/Supplier Location a Location of type “1011 (Supplier Plant)” will be created in SNC. Apart from Location, we need to have a Business Partner Definition for Supplier in SNC. For creating both Location and Business Partner, we have to select option “2” for input field “Create Business Partner” in CFM2.


After selecting the above mentioned values when we click “execute” or F8, we will see the below screen, where click on “X” under new status.


After selecting new status, click “Start” button to start the data transfer.


Once Data is transferred to SNC, you will get a success response and again you need to deactivate the Model under new status and bring it back to “X”.


Once data is transferred to SNC, we need to use the Transaction Code “BP” to see the Master Data transferred to SNC as shown below.




Click “Start” Button to see the list of Business Partners created.




In the List you should be able to see your Vendor/Supplier. In our case Supplier 66101 is created. When you double-click that entry, you will get to see the Business partner of type Organization Details created with Data transferred from SAP ERP (ECC).




As Supplier Needs to login to this SNC system using a web UI, we need to create web UI user ID for Supplier by creating Business Partner of type Person.


First, we need to create a User in SNC using the Transaction Code “SU01”.


After creating user, create Business Partner of type Person using the “Create Person” Button in Transaction Code “BP”.




Provide Details for the Supplier user and Click “Relationships” button to assign the Person to the Supplier.




In the Relationships screen, assign the Business Partner (Person) created to Business Partner (Organization) which is created by CIF as ICH User and Click Save as shown below.




After successfully assigning the Supplier User to Supplier’s Business Partner, we need to enable the Supplier User for Internet Communication for accessing the web UI.


Select the Button “General Data” and navigate back to main Page of Supplier User Screen.


In the Change Mode, select the option “Internet User” from the drop down list as shown below.



In the “Internet User” tab, assign the User ID (no need to provide password) which was created in SU01.  



Click Save to activate Changes. Now using this ID, Supplier user will be able to login to web UI of SNC.


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