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Community Day Bangalore – TechEd Day 0

The plan was to blog yesterday as a countdown to TechEd but SCN was down. Anyway today is Community Day at Bangalore – TechEd Day 0. Started off early to beat Bangalore traffic and managed to reach SAP Labs main gate by 8:10 am. After a long wait at Security who did not have my name in Community Day participants called up Abesh who ushered me in. Inside at Registration Desk my name was on the list and badge also ready. One advantage of coming to Community Day is that you register for TechEd right over there without any wait.

Next headed off to breakfast area after meeting up Jiaul from Accenture, Dipankar and other IBMers from his team. Over breakfast Abesh brought over Marco ten Vaanholt over to us. Marilyn Pratt introduced to Ann Rosenberg and Marc Dietrich. Later met Michael Bechauf and had a detailed chat about Mentor program and what value can it bring to SAP (connection with Product Managers?).

I tweeted on the opening session by Mark Yolton and here is a gist of what he highlighted. He started with Web 2.0 collaboration, social media etc. Business Network Transformation which is the core theme of TechEd and Sapphire. Fast-changing and high expectation market requires people to connect within business networks that become the key to the global economy. Now its officail – SAP Community Network (SCN) with the new makeover. SCN is now the Network of Networks brining under its fold independent networks of SDN, BPX, BOC (Business Objects), EcoHub (announced at Berlin TechEd providing Solution Catalog for Partner Developed solutions), Innocentive. Touched upon SAP’s investment in LinkedIn. More than 60% of the audience is in LinkedIn. Some SCN statistics for India – 300K Members, highest concentration in Asia-Pac which has 450K members. 450K independent page visits in Oct 08 only. Among Indian cisities Bangalore followed by Chennai and Hyderabad sees the maximum activity. Touched on SAP MEntor initiative. There are 8 SAP Mentors present in audience. Then talked about the UN Food Program which gives hard cash to feed hungry people in three countries across Africa, Asia and South America. YouTube channel for video has more than 80 videos, Docupedia project. Final slides on positive comments about SAP Community by leading individuals like Jack Welch, John Hagel and John Sealy Brown.

The closing comment – The More You Give the More you Get from Community.

Afternoon was three parallel tracks – Thomas Jung’s Hands-on Session as usual packed to capacity with the lucky 24. Ann Rosenberg and later Marc Dietrich’s BPX sessions drew max capacity. The remaining few attended the SDN Track sessions with numbers dropping off from 18 in the first session to just 5 in the last one.

Panel discussion revolved around BPX role and the evolution of it. It became quite an animated discussion before Marilyn had to call it a day. People were more interested in debating the BPX role than enjoying beer across the street in the cool environs of the hotel ballroom where the Networking Dinner is being hosted.

People met (in no particular order):

Abesh, Jiaul Haque (Accenture), Dipankar Saha, Somnath Roy, Avijit Dhar (IBM), Sriram (Infy), Sivakumar (from Bosch), Rajesh Banka (Mahindra Consulting), Mrinal Wadhwa.

Craig, Marilyn, Marco, Ann Rosenberg, Marc Dietrich, Narasimha BT, Phillippe Rosset, Michael Becahuf, Gunther Schmalzhaf, Thomas Jung.

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