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a few more days.. then we get a make over !

OK.. we are T minus three days today.. I am super excited. Hopefully I am creating a bit of buzz… have you seen the new Community Network Face yet ? Probably not …because we have been trying to keep it a bit of a secret.. only thing I can tell it is T minus three days today… Look for a change on Monday !

What I can reveil is that it will be more “SAP look a like but with a twist” but it is also something that will keep on evolving the the next few months.. see it as a first step in this make over proces we are trying to achieve.

This weekend I will fly to Bangalore to meet all the community members at TechEd Bangalore Hopefully they will be happily surprised on Monday.. let me know what you think once you see it ?


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  • Appreiciate the good look. Good that this blog was posted. Otherwise it would have been extremely shocking.

    Hope the other sites –, etc.., will adopt the look.

    Good to see the blue to yellow transformation. It is vibrant.

    – anto.

  • Marco:

    Log today on SCN…And watch it’s new face…Really love it! Blogs weren’t working but they are right now -:) Congratulations to the team for this!

    Blag “Happy SCN Member”.

    • Alvaro, happy you are happy.. we are only starting, but hopefully this eventually will also cascade into improving search, making it easier to find people and find content…