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Demo on Data Extraction from SAP to Non-SAP systems such as Database tables and Flat Files using Open Hub Destination

Aim: To explain Open Hub Destination and to demonstrate the extraction of data from an Info Cube to database tables and flat files. What is Open Hub Destination?

Open Hub is a SAP BI component where this service provides the framework for scheduled and monitored extraction of consolidated and integrated data from the SAP BI and the controlled distribution of data for external systems or applications.

When we use Open Hub Destination?

For example our company has an external data warehouse system and we want to make the data available to this system in the form of tables or files then go for Open Hub service.

Where we should not use Open Hub Service?

We should not use Open Hub Service if we want to transfer the data into other SAP systems or applications.

What are the important functions of Open Hub Service?

a)DB tables and Flat file in CSV format: The data of database tables of the third-party can be obtained using API’s

b) Full and Delta extraction mode possible.

c) OHD is a part of data flow: Using the data flow options such as transformations and target object for data transfer process.

d)It supports all BI data targets such as Info Cube, Multi-providers, DSO, Characteristic Info-Objects.

e)Monitoring: Integrated monitor and application log.


The Transaction Code for creating Open Hub is RSBOH1. 



The other way to go into the OHD creation screen is by selecting the Open Hub Destination in the modeling tab which is as shown below…


Let us consider the Info Cube ZIC_ISET with the following data….


1. Extracting data into a database table…

Right Click on the Infoarea on which we get an option to create OHD….



Now in the OHD screen we have to enter the technical name and description of OHD we are creating and we have to specify the Info Cube from which we want to extract the data….


We have to enter the destination type as database table in the destination tab, then a database table will be automatically created as below….



In the field definition tab we have to make sure that that all the fields are copied success fully for the Info Cube selected….



When we try to activate the OHD we will get a pop-up with the following message and upon saying OK it will be activated.




On successfully activating the OHD we have to create a Transformation to map between Cube and OHD.



Now we have to enter the name of the cube in the source of the transformation  as shown in the figure….


 The following screen shows the mapping of objects…


After successfully creating the Transformation, we have to create the DTP for transferring the data.



Now activate and execute the DTP so that the data is transferred….



In the monitor we can check that the data is transferred successfully into the database table….


oto SE16 and check the data in the database table….



The following data is loaded in the database table which is in the Info cube….



2. Extracting Data into Flat FileFor loading the the data into a flat file the procedure is the same as the above but while creating the OHD we need to select the destination type as file, then a CSV file is created with the given path.




The following screen indicates the CSV file created and the directory taken.


In the monitor we check that the data is transferred successfully into the flat file….




The following indicates the data in the CSV file which is extracted from the Info Cube.


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  • Good step by step post.

    In your first option (database option), the data is extracted from the cube and stored in a table in the SAP BI Database. External system might then connect to this table and extract data from BI. This is kind of a pull scenario, where the external system reads the OH database table and pulls data.

    How about the third party tool option? Can it be a push option, where BI system directly loads/pushes data to the third party tool’s database? Have you tried this option? Can you comment on this?



    • Hi Prakash,

      What you were telling is right. I could not explain the third party tool option as I am having limited access to the system in which I am working.


      • Hi It is a very nice Blog…Thank you
        When iam trying toload the data to a flat file no record uis coming to the file where as only the headers and the details

        can you please explain in this case

        Thank you

        • Hi Friend,

          Sorry for the late reply.

          In ur case please check the fields tab in the open-hub whether all the fields are available or not.I not available please ensure that the fields are available in the Open-Hub fields tab.