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Cool Innovation with CRM 7.0: Sneak Preview Investigative Case Management

A new growth opportunity is around the block

Over the last months I have had the chance to get a clear view on an upcoming SAP solution which will go in ramp-up soon: SAP Investigative Case management. As this is a really cool innovation I would like to share a sneak preview with you. The reason is simple: ICM will be an enormous growth opportunity for SAP CRM experts and BPX.

Cool innovation

Fighting crimes with CRM: It sounds like an unusual approach but it is a very powerful one and it is getting an overwhelming positive response from the customers. Moreover it demonstrates SAP´s ability to bring really cool innovations outside ERP to the market.

Investigative Case Management in a nutshell

The investigative case management is a SAP Public Security Industry solution for all organizations that conduct various investigations. The solution mainly targets public security organizations (e.g. police forces, intelligence agencies). But it could also be used by enterprises which conduct investigations.

Business scenarios

ICM now supports three major scenarios:

  • Identity Management and resolution
  • Investigation Processing
  • Operations and Ressource Management

The different scenarios could also be used separately without the other ones by the customers.

As you can see this has nothing to do with common ERP processes. These are the core processes of public security organizations. Just to give some examples:

Identity Management and Resolution

  • Identification of unknown persons and organizations are registered
  • Identities of known victims, suspects, witnesses, informants and organizations are validated and classified

Investigation Processing

  • Complete processing of an investigative case

Operations and Resource Management

  • n nvestigating large and complex crimes

Why is ICM a cool innovation and a proof point for the BPX approach?

ICM will do the same for public security organizations what ERP has done for the administration. It offers standard software and includes best practices for processes which have up to now been mainly covered by custom developed and very expensive solutions. Moreover the requirements have been collected together with several customers and the SAP team consists of colleagues who have worked in different public security organizations (especially the police) for many years. They really match to the description for Business process experts: A deep understanding and huge experiences in the business processes and an ability to translate these requirements in a SAP solution based on SAP CRM 7.0. For my understanding with such characteristics ICM is really cool.

Just to give you a first impression how a single process looks like I would like to give you two examples: the instigation / first response process and the initial investigation process.image


SAP components used

ICM is mainly based on CRM 7.0. In addition the operations and ressource management scenario also uses ERP 6.0 with SAP for Defense Forces & Public Security (DFPS) 6.0 EhP4 and Collaboration Project (cProjects) 4.0.

Which skills are needed in order to implement ICM?

As ICM is based on SAP CRM 7.0 a deep understanding of CRM is highly beneficial. In addition due to the highly classified data several security features have been added to the solution and security know-how would be highly beneficial for implementation projects.

How could you use this unique opportunity?

If you are a CRM expert you could use ICM to broaden your scope tremendously. As soon as the ramp-up starts more documentation will become available. Moreover several ramp up knowledge transfer workshops will take place. They do not only contain technical information but will also provide you with a lot of process know-how.

A lot of projects will begin over the next years and I strongly recommend joining the wave now. In some cases they also offer new areas for growth in the time of economic turmoil.

Over the next weeks more information will be published. Stay tuned.

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  • Hi Author,

    Thanks for sharing this information and sure ICM will help the public security agencies.

    Few months back we got a proposal Implementation of SAP CRM for the same purpose sure this ICM will make the difference. 

    Many thanks,

  • I was wondering if you could point me to areas where I could get more information about this module eg., some of the standard reports that will be available with this module.