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Installing and Configuring SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe on the trial version of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5

In this blog, I am trying to document my experiences with installing and configuring IFbA on the trial version of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5 available on SDN. Unfortunately, this trial version of CE currently doesn’t have the Adobe Document Services (ADS) – which is the core runtime component of IFbA – as part of the standard download.       Some useful references if you are going down this path are:   The standard configuration guide for ADS on CE       can be found here: Configuring Adobe Document Services for CE  ( [Blog | Installing and Configuring SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe for the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment] on the standard steps required for  installing and configuring IFbA on CE 7.1 SP1 installation media.    My focus here is on helping you navigate the specific manual steps required for enabling IFbA use on the trial version of CE currently available on SDN, while avoiding replication of some of the detailed information already available in the above links.          *Prerequisites*    The CE has been downloaded from SDN -> Downloads -> Software Downloads -> SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment -> SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5 – Trial Version ( and subsequent installation/configuration steps have been completed as described in the CE configuration guide.          *Add-on components to be downloaded*    0.1.  Download ADS from the Software Distribution Center on      SAP Service Marketplace (  ( Here you need      to find the specific version of the ADS component corresponding to your      version of CE (in this case, ADS 7.1 SP 5). This can be found in the path:      Downloads -> SAP Support Packages -> Entry by Application Group      -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER CE 7.1 ->      Entry by Component -> CE Adobe Document Service -> ADOBE DOCUMENT      SERVICES 7.10 -> #OS independent. (Note: If you do not have the authorization to download software from SAP Service Marketplace, please refer to SAP Note 1037574  (           *Deployment and Configuration*5.  You now need to change the system template in the CE system using the Configtool (C:usrsapCE1J00j2eeconfigtoolconfigtool.bat) as shown below. You can set the CE system template to be CE_Adobe_Document_Services_development_full or CE_Composition_Environment_development_full depending on how you want to use the system (for instance, portal might not be available in the former option). More details about activating a configuration template can be found here  (       
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  • I just installed the lastest version of CE 7.1.1 with NWDS and everything work fine. Now, I just follow your steps for the installation of ADS, BUT when I have to enter my master password, it says:

    The password validation has failed.   Possible reasons for the failure:
    The username of password you entered are inccorrect
    The user cannot logon to the server because account is locked.
    Details can be found in file checkPasswdViaUpdateJar.log.  Please note that your password validation is executed agaist the actual server instance. Your account might get locked due to unsuccessful logon attempts.

    That’s not true that my user is locked, I could go in NWA and enter my username & password and it works. Also, where can I located the file checkPasswdViaUpdateJar.log,



  • Thanks for your userful blog,
    I use CE 7.1 with EHP1, i go to download path but there is no CE Adobe Document Service (SCA file and update file) for this version. Can i use the CE Adobe Document Service (SCA file and update file) of CE 7.1 ?