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Experience about my first lecture session at TechEd Shanghai 2008

Today is the 1st day of TechEd Shanghai 2008.  I delivered my first TechEd speech session in the morning. Chinese audience showed great interests to Community Network. I also introduced the BPM certification, EcoHub and SAP Innovation and Technology Pavilion at InnoCentive. One of the questions is about how to be effectively engaged on the SCN. I think that both Getting Started pages and Best Practice Guide will be very helpful to new members

After my sessions, quite a few partners stopped by our Community Network pod and asked many detailed questions about the Community Network.  

Customers asked:

  1. How they can easily find the content, articles, best practice and etc.
  2. How they can effectively connect and collaborate with other members

Partners asked:

  1. How they can have their certified solutions displayed and sold via EcoHub
  2. How they can share their expertise and knowledge properly, i.e. IP issue

Individual asked:

  1. How to become a SAP Mentor
  2. More information about BPM certificate

All in all, the visibility of SCN in China is being increased quickly and greatly by the combination of the launch of Chinese version SCN, lecture session and other various promotions. Customers, partners, SAP employees and individuals are very fascinated to the SCN.

The following pictures are taken at the venue.

SAP Area

SAP Area

SAP Community Network Pods

SAP Community Network Pods

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    • Community Evening was well-attended by about 80 people, including customers, partners, SAP, people driving the formation of a Chinese user group, etc.  We had our first SAP Mentor in China — Lantao Yang — recognized and he gave a little speech (in Chinese, so don’t ask me for content but it was well-received).  I made a short presentation and we did Q&A and got some good questions. We introduced the forum moderators who will be helping to guide the Chinese forum discussions.  Earlier in the day we had a press release and press conference and interviews to introduce the first local-language community in Chinese.  BT Narasimha and Cathy Yang were hosts of the dinner / evening event and both spoke.  Xia Zhang, the CTO of SAP China, spoke and introduced me.  It was a nice first event for our new and growing community in China.

      Mark Yolton

  • Shengtao Tan, you rock!
    We saw earlier today that Cathy Yang is holding the book and passing the manifesto on in Craig’s blog.  And here you are evangelizing community.  Do tell anyone interested in the BPM topics that there will be an eager group of folks ready to support them and provide more content.
    Great summary and pics.
    The booths and venue are very aesthetic.  Each location has its own special look and feel.
  • I attended the SAP Cummunity Network evening last night, that’s miraculous! Mr. Mark Yolton’s presentation is very good! I’m very glad to share my knowledge and experience with other peoples, and I’m proud that I’m a memeber in SCN!!! 🙂 I have to work harder and harder, I wanna be a mentor in the future, that’s target! 😉
    • I’m glad you liked the presentation and Community Dinner last night.  I’m especially glad you are a member of the community and contributing your thoughts with others.  Tell some colleagues!  In the years ahead, we hope to have bigger and better TechEd in China and a bigger and better Community Day as well.

      Mark Yolton

  • Shengtao: the pictures look great, and it is nice to be able to get updates from you from TechEd Shanghai. Thanks for taking the time. You’ve made an amazing contribution to this event.