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Berlin to Shanghai via New Jersey

I boarded the SAP Cluetrain with a black book in my hands and asked everyone to take a moment and put their mark in the book, I then brought the book to the Berlin Community Day and asked the same thing, from that moment then I realized I needed a way for it to make it to Shanghai and then Bangalore.


Marilyn who took this video saved the day. She hand carried the book back to New Jersey and then hand delivered it to New York to Philippe who then hand carried it to Shanghai.


It was received in Shanghai by our newest team member and is now being hand carried to Bangalore!



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  • Hi, all,
    This is Cathy. We had a great night on 5Th Nov. For the first time the China Community members gathered and met face to face. Unlike the past people who only signed their names on the book, we left something quite different on it!
    Our happy contributors filled one whole page to celebrate the Chinese forums launch. Please join us at Chinese forums, and next year, we are looking forward to seeing you at Community Event (I guess we’ll have full day event then)!