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Berlin to Shanghai via New Jersey with a Stop in New York

This is a video addendum or actually prequel to Berlin to Shanghai via New Jersey  I started to document with video the handing off of the Cluetain book at TechEd Berlin actually capturing the moment that Craig gave the book to our team member Gali after which it then made it’s way to me.  Craig is show below moments before sending the book off to its present destination in Shanghai.  So here are a few missing pieces of its journey via Berlin, New  Jersey, New York, Shanghai.  The book also got it’s picture taken in the hands of SAP New York office receptionist Kristina Reiergard (who I’ve just invited to join the community as well).  Now, it resides momentarily with our newest Please Welcome! Our APJ Team! and we are anxious to welcome it back to us in Bangalore next week. Perhaps blogger Shengtao can arrange additional photo opps with it while it is still in China.  He’s done a good job of launching his impressions of the first day of TechEd in Shanghai Experience about my first lecture session at TechEd Shanghai 2008.

So see some of you shortly at Community Day in Bangalore where I hope you’ll add your names to the pages before the book travels further. I envision many members taking their picture with the book and creating a sequel to Craig’s posting. 

 The book begins it’s journey in Berlin


Book arrives in New York offices of SAP ready to be given to Philippe Rosset the master of TechEd production details
Kristina Reiersgard
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  • We keep this up and I think we’ll make Abesh’s dream of a “Community Movie” come true 🙂 we should pull all the photos and video clips together into one space in the wiki and tell the whole story. I’ll go try hard to “replay” my searching or the book and buying the book 😉 to fill the initial gap 🙂