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Make your blog wise.

I share with this blog few of my suggestions which I think would be helpful to all naive as well as few veterans of the blogging fraternity. Across my entire blogging experience I noticed and learnt quite a number of minute things which one should keep in mind while writing his/her blog post. One should preferably practice the following things before starting his/her blog. 

1. Don’t expect too much out of your first blog post: The first blog post one writes has a lot of sentiments and expectations attached to that. Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t meet them though. Main reason for this being irrespective of how much ever good a writer you may be no one gets recognition overnight. It’s your first step and only thing that should be kept in mind is that it should be modest. First blog post holds a lot of significance in the sense that it can make or break your identity so be very careful when you start so that the journey henceforth is comfortable. 

2. Be Original: This is the key and the first thing that should be kept in mind while you are blogging. I need not say much about being original its very obvious and unfortunately not followed by many. Never post something which is present elsewhere or is already posted by someone else. The blog post you make should consist of your own ideas or should be written by someone on your behalf under your supervision. In case you wish to share anything striking which can be relevant to your blog post, it’s always a good practice to provide the reference. 

3. A blog post should be centered on one topic: Whenever you write your blog always remember to stick to the main topic of the blog post. References to lot of things which you think are sensible but in fact are nowhere related to what you are writing about messes up the entire blog post. Always take care to focus on the central theme of your blog post.

4. Follow the guidelines strictly: Whenever you are blogging on such a potent developer network like SDN always read the guidelines before you start. There is no point in spending your time on writing something which doesn’t make sense to anyone.     

5. Get your own tone: More often than not we tend to follow the tone or style of the bloggers we like/appreciate in our own blog posts. It always takes time for everyone to find his/her own tone or style of writing. The only way to achieve this is that you write more and more. The more you write the more you get closer to your own blend of words.  

6. Don’t blog just for the sake of it: It is very important for a blog to make sense to the person who is writing and also to the person who is reading. It’s always a good practice to have your content clear and you should be confident of whatever you write. Don’t just write anything for the sake of writing it, share something which is relevant, interesting and should be informative to the person who is reading it. 

I hope these suggestions would guide the naive users who are framing their first blog. Blog not only lets you share your ideas with the entire world it also reflects your personalities so try and make your blogpost as wise as you yourself are.

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