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Final Agenda for the Bangalore Community Day

We’ve finalized the agenda, closed the sign up list and will begin mailing everyone who signed up before this Friday. It’s an exciting agenda and we look forward to meeting everyone there on the 11th!



Remember that for the “Mentors Track” you will need to sign up as space is very limited. You can sign up here.

Also make note of this URL,, you will need to use this URL to rate the sessions you attend during the day! 

The day will kick off with some food of course followed by a welcome from myself and Mark Yolton. From there we will head into what we call “Speed Networking” which is a perfect opportunity for you to meet your fellow community members! Basically we have several tables and you go and sit down as does everyone else – you then have a few minutes each to introduce yourself. We then break, you switch tables and do it again. In the past this has been a highlight of the day, a perfect way to get to know everyone before the day fully begins and often times this becomes a way to move forward with new relationships into the rest of the SAP TechEd week and beyond!

After lunch we will break into the sessions. You’ve 3 tracks to pick from. The Mentor track where everyone who signed up (at the above link) will get first choice will then be open to everyone else (max 24 people). The BPX Track fills their first 4 slots with an amazing collection of what they refer to as the “5 Pillars of SAP/BPX Community” and from what I’ve heard if you are remotely interested in BPX this is the place to be! The SDN Track expanded this year to include not only the technical stuff but also some “community” oriented content so don’t miss that either!

The afternoon leaves you with two choices. A sneak peek at future development with ABAP, or a panel discussion following are past experiences in Bangalore with panels!

For everyone who signed up, you will be getting an email to the address you have stored in your user profile here.

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