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Welcome to my blog on BPM in NetWeaver…

Welcome to my first post on SDN. My name is Greg Prickril. I’m lead product designer in SAP NetWeaver’s Integration Platform solution management organization. My team is responsible for the functional design of the following NetWeaver technology:


  • SAP BPM and BRM
  • CE Tools
  • Java Tools
  • Collaboration

I also work with other folks, like Welcome to the new BPM corner from product management, to define the strategy for our composition and integration stories.


As I mentioned above, my team defines these products from a functional, as opposed to technical, perspective. We then work with research and development to ensure we build the products our customers want, the way they want them. My team and I do this by defining detailed end-to-end scenarios and by writing detailed functional requirements specifications. We then validate the software delivered by R&D by implementing the scenarios we’ve described. We also engage directly with stakeholders on design topics. If you’re familiar with the product owner role in scrum, that’s a reasonable analog for our role.


I have a long history in business process management and collaboration. Before joining SAP a couple of years ago, I worked at Microsoft in Redmond, primarily on the BizTalk team. Prior to that, I worked for IBM’s Lotus brand as both a product manager and a consultant (I spent a few years consulting in Brazil). I’m very excited to be part of NetWeaver’s BPM and composition strategy!


I plan to use this blog to share more about what I do as a product designer, announce interesting developments in the Integration Platform and engage with the community on design-centric topics.


Stay tuned!

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  • Thanks for introducing yourself Greg! I am excited that SAP is delivering clear & direct communication such as this. This helps customers like us prepare our roadmaps and keep us abreast with what’s coming in the future.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Greg,

    Great to see you posting here, just as you said you intended back at TechEd Vegas! Nice.

    I continue to get frequent questions about the implications of NetWeaver BPM for technical and functional SAP professionals alike – both in terms of project needs and individual consultant profiles. I’ll track your blog through my RSS reader and will look forward to your posts.

    If you get inspired, I’d love to hear your take on whether SAP customers are taking a bit of a step back from active exploration of process modeling tools given the economic downturn. I’ve heard some mixed message about this so far, caution on the one hand, desire for new ways of innovating on the other. Obviously in the long run, the interest in BPM will remain strong, just curious if you have picked up on any short term fluctuations.

    – Jon Reed –

    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m getting the same questions from folks regarding what happens with BPM as a discipline in tough economic times. I guess only time will tell, but I can tell you I’m gratified that we’ve focused on enabling executable composite extensions to the Business Suite.

      Although we’ll certainly deliver all the BPM “trimmings” over time (read that as soon), e.g., methodology, education, I think focusing on high value, human-centric composites is what SAP customers are hungry for. We feel we have an offering that customers can get value from very quickly.

      In terms of the impact on SAP professionals, I’m still cogitating on that one. I’ve had several people, mainly from SIs, tell me that over time BPM will “change the way we do SAP projects”. I’d love to hear folks’ specific thoughts.